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ECT Side Filter Bar 2

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ECT Side Filter Bar 2

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  • ECT Side Filter Bar 2

ECT Side Filter Bar 2

The ECT Side Filter is now included with your updater so is not available for purchase now. Just request the updater and you automatically get the ECT Side Filter!

The ECT Side Filter Bar allows you to provide a series of configurable filters on the side of your product pages. It means that your customers can filter the product listing by price, keyword, product order, number per page and attributes. This new version has many extras including checkboxes allowing the possibility to make more than one selection per group in order to add to the items that are displayed. When making selections you can choose to keep all other attributes (allowing you to extend selections) or remove attributes with zero products. Hidden attributes in long lists can be replaced with a button/link/image to display more.

The side filter has also had more of the style attributes added to the ectcart.css style sheet, along with several optimizations and so produces more efficient code. It can work in tandem with the regular top filter bar so you can have different filters at the top and side if you choose to. It requires a minimum version of ECT v6.9.3... more details more details

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