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 Download Name Date Created Date ModifiedDescription
ASP Updater v7.53/17/20224/19/2022
PHP Updater v7.53/17/20224/19/2022
ASP Updater v7.45/30/20214/19/2022
PHP Updater v7.45/30/20214/19/2022
ASP Updater v7.31/30/20214/9/2022
PHP Updater v7.31/30/20214/9/2022
ASP Updater v7.22/10/20202/10/2020
PHP Updater v7.22/10/20202/10/2020
ASP Updater v7.15/21/20195/21/2019
PHP Updater v7.15/21/20195/21/2019
Spry Tabbed Panels
Spry Sliding Tabs7/13/20097/13/2009
Spry Static Tabs7/13/20097/13/2009
HTML Editors
Froala Editor ASP version7/12/20183/19/2019
Froala Editor PHP version6/30/20183/19/2019
Custom Payment Providers
Second "Email" Payment Method (ASP)4/25/20074/25/2007
Second "Email" Payment Method (PHP)4/25/20074/25/2007
Barclays EPDQ - ASP (UK)4/25/20071/23/2018
Barclays EPDQ - PHP (UK)4/25/20078/6/2018
Beanstream - ASP4/25/20074/17/2012
Beanstream - PHP4/25/200711/20/2013
Chronopay - PHP4/25/200710/13/2009
Cielo Payments - PHP9/26/201211/20/2013
Cyberbit - ASP4/25/200710/13/2009
Cyberbit - PHP4/25/200711/20/2013
Cybersource - PHP10/14/201410/14/2014
Direct One - ASP (Australia)4/25/200710/13/2009
Direct One - PHP (Australia)4/25/200711/20/2013
FirstData - ASP (Canada)9/26/20129/26/2012
FirstData - PHP (Canada)9/26/20129/26/2012
iTransact - ASP11/20/20094/3/2012
iTransact - PHP11/20/200911/20/2013
Mirapay - ASP4/25/200710/13/2009
Moneris - ASP (Canada)4/25/20074/19/2021
Moneris - PHP (Canada)4/25/20074/19/2021
Paygate - ASP (South Africa)4/25/200710/13/2009
Paygate - PHP (South Africa)4/25/200711/20/2013
Payjunction - PHP4/25/200711/20/2013
Paymate - ASP4/25/20072/16/2010
Paymate - PHP4/25/200711/20/2013
PaymentSense ASP10/27/201110/27/2011
PaymentSense - PHP10/27/201111/20/2013
Paystation - ASP (New Zealand)4/25/200710/13/2009
Paystation - PHP (New Zealand)4/25/200710/13/2009
SecurePay - ASP (Australia)11/12/201511/24/2015
SecurePay - PHP (Australia)11/12/201511/24/2015
Total Web Solutions - ASP (UK)4/25/200710/13/2009
Total Web Solutions - PHP (UK)4/25/200711/20/2013
USAepay - ASP4/25/20075/26/2020
USAepay - PHP4/25/20075/26/2020
WordPress Plugins
ECT Store Widgets11/18/201311/18/2013
ECT Sitemap4/28/20157/27/2022
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