Setting up a local test server for the PHP / mySQL version

  1. Download WAMP5 from
  2. Install the download and agree to all the default settings
  3. Go to Programs > WampServer > Start Wampserver
  4. Click on the icon in the WAMP5 icon tray and select "www directory" - this is where your store files will be located
  5. Browse to where you unzipped your Ecommerce Template download and copy the entire download folder and then paste the folder into the www directory
  6. Open your browser with the address http://localhost/newfolder/ and you should see the store but with no database connection. (Obviously change "newfolder" to the name of the folder you have created in the www directory).

Setting the database connection with phpmyadmin

  1. Open your browser with the address http://localhost/phpmyadmin/
  2. To create the database type the name of your choice into the field below "Create new database" and hit the "Create" button.
  3. Click on the link below "Privileges" and then on "Add a new user"
  4. Choose a user name, for the host, type in localhost and then in the box below the password of your choice. Make a note of these values as you will need them shortly. Finally click on "Go".
  5. Open http://localhost/newfolder/vsadmin/ in Notepad to paste in the database details you have just set up for the user name, password, database and localhost and save the file
  6. Open http://localhost/newfolder/createdb.php and if all has gone well then you can click on the installation button and you'll be finished
  7. Finally open your Ecommerce Template admin in your browser at http://localhost/newfolder/vsadmin/login.php - User: mystore / Password: changeme
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