Updating your ECT store which has custom coding

  1. Make sure your modifications are clearly delimited in the code so you can easily see them when you start comparing code. That is, add a comment above and below where the modification starts and ends. For example for the PHP Version...

    // START: MOD for tax addition
    Modded code goes here
    // END: MOD for tax addition

    ...or for the ASP Version
    ' START: MOD for tax addition
    Modded code goes here
    ' END: MOD for tax addition

  2. Get a copy of Scooter Software Beyond Compare http://www.scootersoftware.com/download.php
  3. Download the latest updater and do a directory compare with your site. If you make the compare settings "show differences but no orphans" then only the updater files will display and not your general website files.
  4. Assuming you have the updater files on the left and your own files on the right, select on the left files that you haven't modified at all, right click and "Copy to Right".
  5. You should just be left with files that you have modified. Double click on the first of these and you should see the differences between the two highlighted. For the blocks that have nothing to do with your modifications, click on the arrow on the left of the changed block to copy that to the right. Repeat this until the only differences are the blocks of code you have modified.

    This method isn't 100% foolproof as it may be that we change in an updater a block of code that you have modified. But for nearly all updates this system works perfectly.

    In the example above we just added the new modded code enclosed within comments. You might also consider leaving the old code but commented out which makes comparison even easier eg

    // START: MOD for tax addition
    // if($this==$that){
    // END: MOD for tax addition
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