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Third party Ecommerce Templates Developers

We offer a number of custom services, these are listed on our store tools page - please get in touch if you need further information. We can also provide hourly work at very competitive rates.

We have also listed developers who can offer a wide variety of custom coding and design services for the ecommerce templates. Please contact them with a full list of requirements and as much background information as possible.

Any questions and support for the coding changes will go through the corresponding developer and Ecommerce Templates will accept no liability for their use / misuse. Ecommerce Templates cannot provide support and / or debugging on any third party Mod related

The developers are independent of ECT and as such we accept no responsibility for the work provided, the developers below however have all signed up to a common code of conduct giving you more confidence when using their services. Please read through the list before hiring a developer. We also encourage you to leave your honest feedback on the experience regarding the developer's work for you.

Developers' code of conduct:

  • 30 day money back guarantee on MODs.
  • Email responses within 2 working days.
  • Access to updates to MODs to match the ECT official updates where available.*
  • Complaints referred to Ecommerce Templates when and if necessary.
  • Minimum one year experience of working with Ecommerce Templates.
  • A reasonable level of support will be provided for the installation and use of MODs.

*Please note that every effort will be made to maintain MODs across minor updates but the developers reserve the right to discontinue MODs across major updates.

Developers who have signed up to the code of conduct

Developer Graphic
Manchester, UK
Phil Matthews
+44 (0)1253 821517
Average Rating 5 / 5 based on 79 ratings.

User Feedback on BettaPages

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  • Phil at Bettapages converted my database to MySQL, converted my website from ASP to PHP and has helped out with various other technical issues. He has always been very quick to respond and has completed work quickly and efficiently, surpassing my expectations. He is always very generous in providing help and support when needed.
  • Finding good technical expertise is difficult, but finding technical expertise with a good attitude is next to impossible. I am pleased to say that Phil embodies all of that and more.

    I asked him to update our store, which seems simple enough. But out server was so outdated that it required a complete overhaul from top to bottom. He was extremely patient and gave me detailed instructions to aid him in his installation. He did more than I expected and the result is fantastic. We're now updated current and on a new server to boot!

    I can't say enough good things about Phil. I sent out a couple requests to other vendors before hiring anyone, and Phil replied within an hour or two, others were days later. Phil answers emails at all hours, even if it's nothing more than to say "hey, got your email, I'll look at this in the morning." I have to imagine he doesn't sleep. :)

  • Bettapages have looked after us, and our websites, for the last 5 years. Always excellent quality of work and support.

    Frankly I don't know how we would manage without them.
  • We've used Bettapages for several years now on multiple projects.

    They've always provided solid, robust development work - from a major web store overhaul to fast, accurate fixes when our personnel introduced issues that we couldn't fix on our own.

    More than just a good developer, the communication from Bettapages has always been prompt, detailed, helpful and clear.

    Highly recommended.
  • Absolutely superb service from Phil, nothing too much trouble or too hard, everything explained perfectly and all work completed very quickly. Could not ask for more..
  • If 5 is a very good, my experience was a 6! Phil performed an ASP to PHP conversion for us. The service was very prompt, professional, and at a very reasonable price. The conversion was executed flawlessly. We could not be happier with the support received.
  • I had a few problems while changing our eshops to a new host and Phil was brilliant. He helped in many ways (even on a Sunday) but went above and beyond to help me get the databases sorted out for us. Thank you so much.
  • They did exactly what they told me they would do and even went beyond normal customer service to correct my error in file location and database setup. I could not be happier with their help and they are the first company I will approach in the future. 5 Stars is not enough!
  • Phil was a life saver. I had to move my site and he moved my database. What took him a couple of hours would have taken me days or even weeks. My site was moved and up and running in a day. Highly recommend him.
  • Phil helped with the upgrade of my existing PHP site to Responsive Design. He responded quickly and answered all of my questions after questions! We talked about Content Regions (which I never knew about) giving me more control in making small changes. He sent me videos on how to make these changes. His rates were reasonable and added extras including SEO features. Within a week my site was up and running. Phil assured me he will be there for me whenever I need him. Thanks Phil – Susie,
  • After upgrading to 6.5.0 and with a number of pages changed to full CSS Phil resolved a number of issues with my website. He emailed me at 7.30am, I responded by 9.00am and he had completed the re-work by 10.00am. Now that is customer service!!! Thanks again.
  • I've been working with Phil for almost 2 years now & every time it's been a pleasure to deal with him. I am not a computer tech person & he has always been very patient & understanding with me when I try to explain what I want or what is going on with my site.

    My most recent dealing with Phil was converting my site over to make it mobile friendly. I purchased the updaters & responsive template then contacted Phil for help & he took care of everything for me. He was very prompt & efficient with converting it. It was such a relief to know I could trust him & know that it would be done right.

    As a side note, his prices are always very reasonable for the amount of work he does & his vast knowledge. I would HIGHLY recommend Phil at to anybody that needs IT or ect work. I can't say enough about how wonderful he's been & a pleasure to work with.

  • Phil redesigned our site and did an outstanding job. He understood our objectives without problems and completed the project in record time.
  • Phil did the work to transition our store to a new responsive template and migrate our database during a time of heavy transaction volume. He heavily customized and implemented a beautiful new template and then performed the migration quickly, without interruptions to sales. Phil also handled some unusual problems we introduced at the last minute, communicated exceptionally well, and got our new store running right away. Working with Phil was definitely the most trouble-free part of this project. He's highly recommended, and we'll definitely contract his services again.
  • My problems began with my Australian web server 'support' team who turned out to be very 'unsupportive'. Phil had provided me with some advice on the ECT forum so I contacted him. I'd already decided to switch to another Australian server and Phil offered to migrate my site, which he did. Same problems arose with the new host - lack of real real knowledge and no real support . Phil encouraged me to persevere with them but to no avail so by the time I finally decided to switch to the Bettapages server, I was extremely agitated.

    However, not only did Phil migrate, reorganise and restyle my entire site, he did all of it with a minimum of fuss and a maximum of speed, to my great relief. It now works perfectly and I couldn't be more grateful. It is ironic that timely support has to come from half a world away, even though when I'm asleep, he's awake, and vice versa. Many thanks Phil.
  • Phil helped me avert disaster when my client changed their minds about how they wanted to handle payments on their site...after I was done...building it is ASP! Phil got the site converted to php and the module set up quickly. He was very professional, quick and extremely helpful. He even chatted with me when I was on hold with GoDaddy after they reset our settings (which caused the site to disappear completely!) Thank you Phil for everything - the product AND the hand holding!
  • A great experience from start to finish. Phil is extremely helpful, qualified, and timely. My stress levels disappeared working with Phil! I will be back time and again, and I highly recommend BettaPages!
  • Couldn't have asked for a better customer service experience. He was more than knowledgeable in the field. He was able to explain everything so I understood as well as making sure we used "the best" practices moving forward which is huge. He also was also prompt with his responses and went above and beyond with his help.
  • Contacted Phil when we had major server issues with our hosting company & Phil quickly responded migrating our site to a new host, upgraded it from asp to php, modified, adapted, tweeked & advised etc.

    All very efficient, prompt & worked to a high standard. Phil is now our 'go to' guy for ect work.

  • Phil never gives up, things were exploding in every corner but he went at solving every little and major problem.Calm, efficient, no bull.
    A man of many angel of mercy. Many many many thanks. Jean marc
  • Phil provided an excellent service in terms of speed, quality and very reasonable cost.

    We have had issues getting our payment providers and ssl certificate to work with our ECT shop.

    Phil responded to my enquiry incredibly quickly, and then helped me to sort it (in a way that helped me to learn what to do in the future).

    The work proved to be quite quick to complete, and the cost fully recognised that.

    I couldn't recommend Phil highly enough - for big tasks or small.
  • We had a major site overhaul. Upgrade from 6.03 to 6.3.3. Responsive Design. Many mods transferred. New look. Complete code rewrite - now HTML/CSS compliant - first time ever. Absolutely first-rate work. Professional and helpful. Need I say more.
  • Phil, created a new website for me. Terrific to deal with and went far beyond what we had agreed. Was very patient and tweeked the site until I was totally happy with it. Nothing is too much to ensure his customers get what they want. Will be using him again in the future. Cannot recommend highly enough.
  • Phil is the best designer who has ever done any work for me!He is quick, efficient, patient and full of integrity. Absolutely brilliant! Thanks so much! Julie
  • Awesome job! Phil took on a legacy site of ours, made many changes and updates that we did not have the time to handle, and did so quickly and efficiently. He has earned all of our business in the future. Thanks Phil!
  • Very quick response time, Phil was very helpful and performed the updates for me. I had a hard time understanding his suggestions because I am new to database connections, but Phil offered to set this up for me and he did it free of charge!! He deserves more than 5 stars, Thanks again
  • Its a pitty you dont have a 10 star rating as this is what he would get.
    2 websites sorted out within just a few hours, to include dynamic categories and new shop front designs. Nothing was a problem.
    Many Many Thanks
  • my experience with Phil was GREAT.... he did exactly what I needed done at a good price. I will use him for future projects for sure!
  • I've been working with ectemplates for years and ran into a perplexing problem moving servers. Phil straightened out my mess quickly and for a very reasonable charge. He's at the top of my list for help from now on.
  • Phil is the best. He did the job perfectly. I had an emergency with my last hosting company who left all their customers without support and I had no way to get a copy of my MSSQL database. Phil immediately exported the database to a MySQL database allowing me to change to a new hosting company. And he even set everything up on the new server for me and offered advice in other areas. Thank you Phil! Excellent job!

  • I began working at a company that had a website that was a disaster. I spent three months trying to find someone to work with and finally decided to try Bettapages. I resisted using Bettapages as they are in the UK and I am in CA, USA and I could not imagine the process going smoothly. I finally sent Phil an inquiry and with his answer I knew I was on the right track.

    I've never emailed my way through a project like this before. It went very smoothly and even with unexpected revisions to the original plan, Phil clearly and patiently went through the process with me and I am extremely happy with the results. We finished the project very quickly and within days of his original estimate. The website looks better and performs better. I am absolutely honest when I tell you, the revised site went live April 16th and I have not had a day go by that I have not received orders. I keep seeing the answer to our question 'How did you find us?' being answered Google. Wow, now that's amazing!

    Bettapages' rates are very reasonable and there were no surprises in the billing.

    Phil is not through with me yet, I have a lot of tweaks and upgrades planned. I cannot recommend him highly enough. - Jim R.
  • Phil goes beyond the call of duty so to speak in order to help people make their websites look good.

    Knows his stuff and works fast.

    Many thanks for all your hard work I am sure you will continue to hear from me.
  • My client needed his database exported from another cart into Ecommerce Templates Shopping Cart Software. With around 25k products, I felt it best to hire the best, and Phil came through as always.

    Thanks for making me look good to my clients.

    M. D'Souza
  • Simply the best. Phil has gone well beyond the mark to assist in getting a store online. He is making me look good to my customer... =D

    Thank you so much sir, I look forward to continual business with you.

  • We engaged Phil to update our site from a very old version of ECT that was heavily customised and unable to be easily updated.
    Phil took this in his stride and updated the site with minimal of issues. Phil has the patience and communication skills of a saint. Nothing was too much of trouble for Phil, and during the upgrade gave assistance and guidance on how not to get into the same predicament again.
    Would definitely be using Phil again.
  • Phil is a true professional. Upgraded my database from access to ms sql with no problems, even had some helpful recommendations on securing my site a little better. I will be calling on Phil in the future for sure. Thank you!
  • Phil was a true professional and handled our migration job with excellence. He was always quick to respond, and sent detailed updates on all completed work, or work in progress. I would be more than happy to pick BettaPages / Phil for similar services again. Highly, highly recommended!
  • Converted my Access database to SQL. Phil explained everything very clearly and answered all my questions in a clear and helpful manner. The conversion was completed quickly and with minimal downtime despite a problem with my old database which Phil managed to resolve. Highly recommended.
  • Had some major issues with our site migrating servers and needed to upsize from access to SQL urgently.
    Phil was very helpful and explained everything very clearly. more importantly He is the kind of guy I recommend to anyone on ECT and we will be doing business again soon with him.
  • Excellent.
  • Phil of Bettapages is the Best!

    He does a great job on our site every time.

    Quick response time, super ideas, terrific attention to detail, and always easy and great to work with.

    Thanks Phil!

  • I worked with Phil at Betta Pages to convert my database form the Quick Shopping Cart to the ECT generic cart for my site. His work was top notch and I was not disappointed at all. I would highly recommend Phil and Betta Pages for this type of work. He made the data conversion a smooth process which saved me a lot of time and aggravation.
  • I asked Phil by email on Sunday of he'd help move my store and database to a new hosting Company. It was done the same day (though please don't hold him to Sunday working!) Fast, efficient and user-friendly. I won't hesitate to call upon his services again.
  • I recently had help from Phil at Betta Pages. We were having trouble copying a database including many products and categories from one store to another. Phil got it done quickly and for a very fair price!

    Highly recommended!

    Thank you
  • EXCEPTIONAL!! Not only did he do the task at hand but he did more to help me understand why and how he did it. I had to convert a database from osCommerce to ECT plus add on some functionality that I wouldn't of known how to do. He definitely knows ECT like the back of his hand. Communication is key!
  • Fast, friendly, patient, good price, database magician, shortly: Betta Pages offers a perfect service!
  • In my experience, customer service and IT service are not two things that seem to work together.

    However, Phil's prompt service to resolve my issue, twice, will ensure that he has a customer that will use him always. He saved me from what I thought was an impending doom, and certainly desires a 5 star rating!

  • I contacted Phil to do a database conversion from MS Access to Mysql. I had mod tables in my access database and had problems doing the upsizing myself. Phil got the work done efficiently and to my satisfaction. I recommend Betta Pages design and give 5 out of 5 stars, and will use him again.
  • I used their services to install the digital download features. He understood immediately what I wanted. He installed it very fast. He provided extra services that I needed. He gave me excellent followup. I never had an opportunity to get impatient because he was so fast. I will use him again every time.
  • I do website development for small businesses and needed help migrating an osCommerce database to ECT for a new clients. Phil was highly recommended by folks in the forum, so I gave him a try. His prices were exceptionally reasonable, his work superb, and his communication style professional. I would highly recommend Phil to anyone looking for database migration or other ECT assistance or an online store. He does excellent work. I will be contacting him in the future for more help. I wish I could give him 10 stars.
  • I have never had a developer work so quickly in sorting a problem out with my ECT database or any other web project for that matter! If your looking for someone to work on ECT or anything else web related look no further.

    Kevin, Business Evolve.
  • We contacted Phil and he immediately took on the project and was done with it in less then a day. He explained what he did, gave us the file, and couldn't ask for anything more. Phil did a great job and resolved the issue immediate.

    Phil did one of the best jobs we could ask for. Will be using him on a steady basis. He did it immediately and we paid him immediately, once good deed deserves another. Thank you Phil.
  • we had a very positive experience with Phil prompt help

    very professional working method
    affordable prices

    and he has our full trust

    thank you
  • Phil helped me with an update database problem I had. He was terrific. He not only provided me with info on how to do it myself, but when I couldn't get it to work he stepped in and did it for me. His response was quick and I had my update done in just a few minutes. I thank you, Phil for your quick responses and excellent work. I will certainly use your services in the future and recommend you to others.

    Sincerely, Anna
  • PHil was great!!! He cleaned up a customized site that was update with the latest version and ensured everything worked. He also did some customizing. I'll will definitely call on his services again! Thanks Phil.
  • The best service ever for me from anyone anywhere. Plus Phil knows what he's doing. Great!
  • Hi Phil, My site is back to normally, thank you for your expertise! You are the greatest, super fast and very reasonable price for your work. You really a true Developer! I will highly recommend to anyone to use you if they looking for a true Developer...

    Sinerely, Jimmy
  • Excellent work, very timely and very reasonably priced.

  • Phil, you are the best for helping me with the errors, you are a kind and a good hearted person who got my site back on the right track. I truly thank you so very much for helping me! Specially you offering to help me from the beginning. Thank you for very much again. Sincerely, Jimmy
  • Having inherited a job from a company whose current designers failed over several months to complete and install a messy database of over 130000 products my first point of call was to Bettapages. Phil was brilliant, helpful, patient and above all delivered a first class level of service (seldom seen elsewhere) I would highly recommend Bettapages
  • Phil upgraded our 3 year old cart, cleaned up the database and old mods. Put up with all my questions and changes! Great Guy to work with!
  • Amazing service and communication. Job was done perfectly and quick, I highly recommend Phil! Thanks so much for all your work.
  • Thanks for your straightforward and understandable help
  • I have hired Phil for any and every database related problem for the last 4 years. Phil works fast, everything works and his charges are more than reasonable considering the perfect and fast result of his work.

    Custom Design Team LLC
  • Phil has always been very helpful and done several projects for us. I highly recommend him!
  • That worked perfectly. Thanks
  • Great, fast, correct
  • We needed to upgrade from an old ASP ECT template using MSSQL database to the latest PHP ECT with MySQL. The old site had over 1000 products so we really didn't want to have to re-enter everything but Phil managed to export the old data, convert it and successfully import it into the new database. The few problems we hit were very quickly overcome and always kept us informed of progress. If you need help with databases or data migration, Phil's your man.
  • Brilliant Service, quick response to a technical query that was solved within 5 minutes. This support was given without a charge (in this instance). Would recommend, we will be using this service again.

    Thanks so much
  • Quick response!
  • A1 service and communication, meticulous and dogged, he won't let even the slightest issues go unresolved. We highly recommend Phil if you are looking for good value and a hassle free experience.
  • Fantastic service, extremely quick and proficient, Phil has been a great help. Very good communication with him, he knows his stuff, and he got what i wanted done very quickly. I highly recommend him.
  • I can not speak highly enough of this developer. Employed his services for a dynamic menu installation. Replied promptly to requests and any inquiries, sorted numerous problems at our end courteously and promptly. We will definitely be using his services again in the future.
  • Phil provided excellent work. Highly recommended. Work was done quickly and professionally.
  • Very fast. No problem tripped him up. He copied our site with its db to another domain and reconfigured it to work per our specs; successfully troubleshot a buggy site. Kept us in the loop always. We'll be using him again from time to time.

    exnihilo (as I'm known around here)
    *** Official Online Retail Home of Alaskan Bear Treats ***
  • Excellent and fast service, very reasonable prices for the amount of work involved. Highly recommended for any database related problems.

  • Phil was more than helpful with our database transferral. We were transferring to a rather less than helpful hosting company that made things a little tricky, but Phil was more than happy to do that little bit extra to ensure that the job got done. Would highly recommend him to anyone facing the headache of moving to a new hosting company.
  • It doesn't get any better than this, Phil moved an osCommerce database for me to ECT, incredible! The database was to say the least a complete mess, I couldn't be happier with his work and the time scale it was performed in, not only that, but lots of free advice along the way which will prove to be invaluable.
  • BettaPages database experience is top notch, when you need help to export/import data these are the guys you want to be working with.

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