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Ecommerce Templates support

Welcome to the Ecommerce Templates support center. Customer satisfaction is a top priority for the team here so we have amassed a plethora of help files, tutorials, a user manual and getting started docs, knowledge base and support forum.

Once you have purchased your Ecommerce Template and downloaded the zip file, you will probably want to start seeing how things work straightaway. We do have lots of help docs available on the site but the guide below should give you the basics to setting things up.

Getting started with your Ecommerce Template

  1. Unzip the download file to the location on your hard drive where you want to work from.
  2. Open your HTML editor and browse to where you unzipped the file to.
  3. Publish all the files and folders to your host server, either through the HTML program or the FTP utility of your choice.
  4. Set the database connection in the file vsadmin/db_conn_open.asp or db_conn_open.php
    ASP Database connection help
    PHP Database connection help
  5. Open your browser and type in the address of you control panel, this will typically be or login.php
  6. Enter the default user name mystore and password changeme
  7. Familiarize yourself with the control panel pages, maybe adding a couple of new categories and products and then viewing them on your store at or categories.php

You can now start setting up your store either by making the design changes you need in your HTML editor or working from the control panel to configure your products, shipping, tax, payment methods etc.

Help Files

Our help files are written in plain, jargon-free English and cover the steps from initially opening your Ecommerce Templates right through to taking your first orders.


We have prepared a collection of short movies that will walk you through the steps required for some of the more common set up and installation processes.

User Manual

The user manual covers every aspect of setting up a store with Ecommerce Templates. It can be viewed online or downloaded and printed out for easy reference.

Support Forum

If you have any questions at all regarding the set up and implementation of your store then this is the place to ask. Staffed 24 / 7 by our team of developers and support technicians, we are happy to address any queries you may have.

We also have a site search available on the right hand side of all our pages that will help track down the answer to any of your queries.

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