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Ecommerce Templates Newsletter May 2019

Welcome to the May 2019 Ecommerce Templates newsletter

Welcome to the May edition of the Ecommerce Templates Newsletter where we are really excited to announce the release of our new app - The Ecommerce Templates Dashboard app for iPhones and iPads. We'll also catch up with some recent news on features and services.

ECT Version 7.0.5

ECT Version 7.0.5 is now available and offers the opportunity for iPhone / iPad users to get the new ECT Dashboard app...

  • Receive notifications from your iPhone or iPad of sales on any store you administer
  • View recent orders & signups
  • View order sales and totals stats over time

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ECT Account

We have just set up a new feature on our store, the ECT Account. This is currently required for the mobile device notifications via the iPhone app and for the currency conversion rates feature. Registration is very simple, you can find the account page here and we have provided a corresponding help file.

Please do set up an ECT Account as soon as possible if you use the currency converter (or wish to use the new Ecommerce Templates App) as the testuser / testpw login will be expiring soon. It is not important which version of the store you are using to get an account for the currency conversions but 7.0.5 is required for the mobile notifications.

Recent Features

We have added so many new features over the last few months that we thought it would be a good idea to provide a recap along with some demo examples so you can see them in all their glory. These are just a few of the cool new things you can use on your own store.

  • Home page category display
  • Related items in the soft cart
  • CSS classes for the product options
  • Product image on the thanks page and invoice
  • Verify the email address on checkout
  • Froala HTML Editor
  • Dynamic breadcrumbs

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Wordpress Conversion

We are getting more and more requests from store owners asking about switching to Wordpress so we have set up a conversion service to meet those needs. This is what we include in the process

  • MS SQL / Access / mySQL database migration
  • Update to the latest ECT version
  • Integration with an ECT or third party WordPress theme
  • Plugin installation
  • WordPress menu configuration

Please contact us if you have any questions about converting your store to the Wordpress platform.

Wordpress Conversion


Updaters as always are available from our updaters page - it doesn't matter which version you are currently running, you can always update to the latest and greatest without going through all previous versions first. If you want to be informed automatically of the new features included in the updaters you can subscribe to the Updater forum - that means you'll receive an email each time a new post is added.