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Ecommerce Templates Newsletter August 2021

Welcome to the August 2021 Ecommerce Templates newsletter

Welcome to the August edition of the Ecommerce Templates Newsletter where we are pleased to announce a new service to spruce up your websites and some great advances for our WordPress integration.

We've had several new updaters released since our last newsletter so if you haven't updated for a while, it's worth checking out the new features and bug fixes in our updaters forum.

New Updater Service

We have added a new service when purchasing your ASP or PHP updaters where we give your site product and details pages a CSS checkover while we install the updater for you. If you choose this service we will sort out any CSS issues that have crept in over the months (or years.) This can really spruce up a website and show off your products in the best possible light by fixing any layout or alignment issues. And at only €39 Euros it's great value. We'll also make sure any PHP 7+ issues are taken care of and all required "ectcart" files are referenced while we're there.

Renew ASP Updaters

Renew PHP Updaters

WordPress Advances

Our WordPress Integration has taken massive strides forward. There is now no need for an ECT Child Theme as the shopping cart connection is included in the ECT Widgets Plugin. This means you can now use any WordPress theme you like. We have also enabled SEO URLs in the WordPress version through a simple selection in the WordPress Customizer. Any ECT Shopping cart can be turned into a WordPress cart by just installing WordPress and the ECT Widgets Plugin.

WordPress Templates

Updaters Forum

It's been a while since our last newsletter so it's well worth looking at our Updaters Forum for details of what's in the latest releases. We're always adding new features and fixing any bugs that crop up. Also, sometimes the industry just changes so it's important to keep up with what's new. For those who are worried about breaking their store, just choose one of the installation services when purchasing your updater.

Updaters Forum

Premium CSS Layouts

These premium add-ons are now included as standard, so why not take advantage to sexy-up your website.

Products Layout 1

Products Layout 2

Products Layout 3

Details Page Layout 1

Details Page Layout 2

Details Page Layout 3

You can mix and match between these layouts and choose alternate Quick Buy layouts also.

Premium CSS Layouts