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Ecommerce Templates Newsletter February 2010

Welcome to the February 2010 Ecommerce Templates newsletter

Welcome to the February edition of the Ecommerce Templates Newsletter where we bring news of the feature packed release of Version 5.9 of the Ecommerce Plus templates along with some suggestions for payment choices and news of the Developer License release.

New Version 5.9.2

Version 5.9.2 is probably our sexiest release so far. We have listened to your requests for new features and acted on many of them as well as hopefully surprising you with a few extras.

Updaters as always are available from the updaters page - it doesn't matter which version you are currently running, you can always update to the latest and greatest without going through all previous versions first.

5.9 is now out of beta and includes the following features

Content Management System (CMS)
This much requested feature allows you to dynamically add content to your site through the online control panel. You can choose to add the content to existing pages, this might be in the form of news sections or special offers for example or you can set up whole page content in a dynamic way More details more details

Dynamic CSS Menu Creation System
The search engine friendly css menus take your category hierarchy to produce stylized menus for your store. You can choose from horizontal drop down or vertical pop-out and accordion menus to dynamically populate your navigation system. The ability to simply add and control non-product links to the menu makes store maintenance and navigation a breeze More details more details

Alternate Shipping Carriers in Shipping Estimator
You can now list alternate shipping carriers in the shopping cart so your customers can check on the best rates available before entering any billing or shipping details. This should go a long way in the fight against cart abandonment.

Cardinal Commerce 3D Secure
Implementation of Verified by Visa to allow your customers to enter the four digit code from their bank to verify the purchase and card details More details more details

Admin Orders Past Order Lookup
When editing / creating an order in the admin orders page, if you start typing someone's email address that they have used for past orders or have created a client login account with, the system will now look up that email and any addresses that are associated with it. Selecting the email will populate the address fields and also, in the case of a customer account link the account to the order created.

Product ID and Product Detail Search
If you start typing a new product id in the product id field, or product name in the product name field the system will search for matches and populate a drop down list to select from. When you select from that list (or click the "..." button as before) the product details / prices are retrieved from the server.

New look admin section
We have revamped the admin section providing simpler navigation, a dashboard feature and a sexy new color scheme. This includes a redesign of the admin categories page allowing for searching of categories and also listing of the categories in a more logical grouping with categories of the same level.

Wholesale and Percentage Discounts on One Account
Both wholesale pricing and percentage discounts can be added to the same customer login account. This means you can give a customer say a 10% reduction on the Wholesale Price of a product.

Searching and Quick Delete in Ratings
The admin ratings page now includes more powerful searching and "quick edit / quick delete" functions. This also allows for the quick deletion of any SPAM entries.

Other goodies
Due to popular demand, The rating stars now use a 1 out of 5 rather than a 1 out of 10 system as was the case previously. The admin ratings page now includes more powerful searching and "quick edit / quick delete" functions. This also allows for the quick deletion of any SPAM entries.

Product options that are shown as radio buttons will automatically become checkboxes if there is only one option. This enables selecting / deselecting the option and also as a radio button has no sense for a single option as it cannot be deselected. This enables very neat lists of Yes / No or Want / Don't want options when set up this way or "Multiple Selection Lists".

The admin products page now allows searching through manufacturers as well as categories.

All admin pages are now cookie enabled so you won't get logged out.

Zip, State, Country settings etc entered when using the shipping estimator will now be carried forward to the checkout page.

Google markup added to product ratings so that Google can easily crawl your rated products.

PayPal Express

We get a lot of emails asking for advice on choosing payment methods and ways of increasing the conversion of prospects into customers, thereby increasing sales. After many years running successful stores, it's a no-brainer for us to give customers a choice of relevant payment methods and we're happy to announce an enhanced integration of PayPal’s Express Checkout product, which will give Ecommerce Templates merchants an easy way to increase sales up to 14%**. With Express Checkout, consumers have a choice of paying with their PayPal account or pay by credit card through your existing merchant account.

Besides extending choice to your customers and increasing sales, there are other reasons we believe Express Checkout is beneficial:

  • Pay as you get paid – No setup, monthly, or cancellation fees. With PayPal, you pay per transaction fees as you get paid.
  • Low fraud rates - 0.25 percent across all transactions
  • Consumer confidence and security – consumers recognize and trust a worldwide brand, and since consumers never share their financial details with the merchant, they trust PayPal and see them as "on their side."
  • Familiarity – consumers know how the payment system works and can checkout with just a few clicks.
  • Global reach - PayPal has 85 million active account holders and is offered in 190 countries with 24 currencies.
  • Ease of use – simple payment method and great for impulse purchases.

If you want to find more about setting up PayPal with Ecommerce Templates, visit our PayPal overview page.

** Jupiter Research

Developer License

At the end of last year we launched our developer license. This is aimed at developers, designers or general store owners who are planning on setting up multiple stores, either for clients or for their own use. The deal here is you initially purchase 4 licenses at a price of $499 ( that’s $137 less than the regular price) and then subsequent licenses at $50 each. You can choose between any of our templates, even mix 'n' match between ASP, PHP, Dreamweaver and CSS versions if you wish. Just let us know which ones are required and we'll send those on to you More details more details

If you have any questions or comments about the content of the newsletter, please feel free to post them on the support forum.