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The updaters are free for the first 6 months and will then cost €39.95 for a further six months or €49.95 for twelve months. There is no obligation to continue using the updaters but they will add extra functionality to your store as well as providing any crucial security fixes. If you need to purchase an updater, they can be purchased on our upgrades page.

The latest version of the Ecommerce Plus templates for PHP is 7.8.0 and ASP is 7.8.0

To receive the latest updater, please enter the email address that you originally used to purchase your Ecommerce Plus template. Once you enter your email and click Submit, an email will be sent to that address with the updater(s) as attachments. If you have any problems at all then please send us an email at

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Stability Release: If your website relies heavily on custom modifications or you are not interested in new features then choose this version. The Stability Release is only updated with essential bug and security fixes.
Advanced Release: The advanced release is tested to the same rigorous standards as our Stability Release, is regularly updated with bug and security fixes but will also have new features added as and when they are developed. Don't use this version if your website relies on custom modifications (MODs).

Please note, you can repeat this process if you require both versions.

To review our license agreement, please click here.


To receive automatic notification about new version releases, please subscribe to the updaters forum. To purchase a further 6 months of updates please click here.

We do have previous updater versions available on our downloads page. Although it's not possible to update to a previous version, this may prove useful for customers who for some reason can not update to the very latest version.

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