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Ecommerce Templates Newsletter January 2018

Welcome to the January 2018 Ecommerce Templates newsletter

Happy New Year and welcome to the January edition of the Ecommerce Templates Newsletter where we bring further exciting news regarding the ECT Version 6.8 release, a cool new premium responsive design and some handy tips and tweaks for your store.

ECT Version 6.8.4

We have just released ECT Version 6.8.4 which includes a sexy makeover of the order stats admin page. This is in addition to the other exciting 6.8 features like the css thanks page and orders admin, storewide discount exemption, category quick entry features as well as Braintree and MailChimp integration.

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Admin Stats SVG Graphs

We have overhauled the Admin Statistics page to display your store statistics using Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG). SVG is totally scalable so will display perfectly on your mobile, tablet or desktop PC. Sales and Orders can be displayed graphically over time, or you can still choose the numerical display allowing you to copy and paste the output to your spreadsheet application. Available filters...

  • Date range
  • Product name
  • Product ID
  • Affiliate
  • Buyer location
  • Payment method
  • Order status type

The graphs are a great way to see how particular products have performed over time as well as providing an easy to read and interpret overview of sales and orders. At a quick glance, and using the available filters, you should be able to identify which products or sections are performing well, and which may need closer inspection.

Admin Stats

Premium Responsive Design - Natura

We have just finished our latest Premium Responsive Design, Natura. ?Apart from the wonderful Ecommerce Templates shopping cart software features, we have enhanced the layout with the following

  • Drop down mini cart
  • CSS widgets
  • Side filter bar
  • CSS premium product / detail layouts
  • Dynamic home page display
  • Drop down mega menu
  • Expandable search bar
  • Sticky header

The premium responsive designs are also available in our Replacement Software offer and of course many of the plugins are available separately as always from our Store Tools page.

Premium Responsive Designs

Tips & Tweaks

We really appreciate the time, effort and dedication of the people who have contributed to our Advanced Tips section. There are some great ideas there with comprehensive instructions and follow ups. Recent additions include a color picker which isn't overwritten by updaters, a "price from" display, again updater proof and css tweaks for the thanks and admin order pages amongst other great ideas.

The most popular posts over time are induced into our Tips & Tricks Hall of Fame, and there appear to be a number of posts that will be moved there very shortly based on the feedback received.

So thanks again to the contributors and make sure you check out some of the great content being shared.


Updaters as always are available from our updaters page - it doesn't matter which version you are currently running, you can always update to the latest and greatest without going through all previous versions first. If you want to be informed automatically of the new features included in the updaters you can subscribe to the Updater forum - that means you'll receive an email each time a new post is added.