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Ecommerce Templates Newsletter June 2011

Welcome to the June 2011 Ecommerce Templates newsletter

Welcome to the June 2011 Ecommerce Template newsletter where we bring you the long anticipated news of the 6.1 release. We've taken a lot of your suggestions on board and believe we've come up with a version which includes something for everyone. It has been released initially as a beta and although it has gone through the regular thorough quality control process we do advise applying it to test stores initially or at the very least checking your store carefully following update.

Version 6.1 (Beta) Release Notes

The following fantastic goodies are all available in the new release...

Fully certified PA-DSS Compliance
Ecommerce Templates is one of just a handful of carts that has completed PA-DSS compliance. This is an industry standard certification process run by Visa and has the security of your cart installation at its heart
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Magic Toolbox Integration
We've teamed up with industry leader; Magic Toolbox, to support their full range of product image effects, from 360º views to zooms and magnification. These need to be seen to be believed with 10 different effects and displays to choose from.
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Reward / Loyalty Points
This has been one of the most requested features on the forums and allows you to automatically assign points to each order depending on the value of the purchase. These can be redeemed on subsequent purchases or saved up for later.
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Cost Per Character
Another hugely popular request. You can now charge per letter or per entry in the text input option field - very handy if you offer engraving, gift messages, embroidery etc. We've also added the ability to make the option a "multiplier" allowing you to sell per yard, metre, box or whatever measurement you use on your store.
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Unlimited Images
Now that you can use the fantastic Magic Toolbox product image effects, you probably don't want to be limited to just the 5 images per product. Well with Version 6.1 you can now have as many images per product as you like.

Ask A Question
interact more effectively with your customer base by allowing them to email you with any questions they have about your product. This comes with the option of a very sexy lightbox effect and is now also available for the Email A Friend feature too.

FedEx Web Services Certification
We have successfully completed the FedEx Web Services Certification process. Apart from being an approved partner and offering the latest FedEx methods it also means that FedEx is now available for Canadian merchants and we can offer FedEx SmartPost as a new shipping option.

As always we really do welcome your feedback on the new features and the new look updater screens (hopefully you'll be pleasantly surprised when you upload the updater). Please feel free to post on the forum with your thoughts on Version 6.1.

Important Note
As mentioned in previous newsletters, forum posts, twitter and Facebook, support for the Capture Card method has now been discontinued due to compliance issues
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Updating is quite painless and we have set up a video tutorial that will walk you through the steps.

Updaters as always are available from