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Ecommerce Templates Newsletter June 2016

Welcome to the June 2016 Ecommerce Templates newsletter

Welcome to the June edition of the Ecommerce Templates Newsletter where we look forward to our next major release and provide a round up of recent ECT news and services.

Version 6.6

Work on the next major release (6.6) is well under way and although early days it's looking very exciting already. One of the major new features we have been working on is a "Quick Buy" utility. This means you can have a pop up window appear from a quick buy link on the products page or cross selling items to allow people to add to cart without leaving the page We think it is pretty sexy and we're sure you will like it too.

There are of course other additions in the works but if you'd like to have your say and what you'd like to see included in 6.6 please head over to the Suggestions Forum and get your request in early.

ECT Services

You may have seen that the list of services ECT provides has increased over the last year or so. If you haven?t had a chance to review them all recently you can find them on our Ecommerce Tools page and we have put together a brief overview below.

ECT SEO Service ? ECT has some great built-in search engine friendly features and for $139.95 we can add them all to your site. This includes for example setting up search engines friendly URLs with no extension, adding dynamic title and meta description tags to your category, product and detail pages, setting up sample static pages if you need them as well as a brief report on how the site could be improved upon from a search engine point of view. We have seen some great looking stores out there which are potentially being held back by a lack of search engine readiness.

Responsive Design Upgrade Service ? with the massive increase in mobile usage over the last two years or so it would be a real shame to lose customers just because the store isn?t mobile friendly. If you?d like to switch to one of our responsive we can do all the work for you. We will keep all your current products and settings and then set up the new store so that it looks great on a desktop, tablet or smartphone. The price of the service is just $420 and the replacement software is included in the deal. We will work on the new store in a separate folder on your server so it won?t interfere with the existing site ? when you?re ready we can just switch the files over and you?ll be mobile ready.

ECT Updater Service ? updating your ECT store is a straightforward process but if you would like us to do it for you and then make checks on the site that everything is running smoothly we can do that for $69.95. We will also go through the site looking for any basic errors and report back with anything we find.

Site Makeover ? we know some of you have been with us for many years now and it?s possible your store needs a bit of a face-lift. For $195 we can make color scheme changes, work on improving the use of css, including the css layouts for the product, category and detail pages, and generally give the site a more modern appearance ? always in consultation with the store owner of course. We understand that?running a store can be very time consuming and sometimes these types of tweaks and changes are just put off due to a lack of time rather than a lack of will.

Site Set Ups - we have three set up site services if you are planning on a new project. These range from the $45 Set Up Site Standard which involves ?getting the site up on the server with the database connection made right through to the Set Up Site Complete for $1500 where we can take over the complete setting up of the store for you.

Health Checks ? it may be you think there are areas of your site which could be improved upon or where you believe they are running less efficiently than they should. For $69.95 we?ll provide a Site Health Check and make suggestions that should enhance the look, search engine readiness and overall functioning of the store. Following an audit we?ll provide you with a report with our suggestions. The Database Health Check is similar but is centered on the efficiency and smooth running of the database and backend. We will look to see if and where any improvements can be made, and with your consent, carry out any changes.

Security Update Reminder

In our last newsletter we stressed the importance of updating to the very least version as there was a crucial security fix issued in 6.5.4. We know a lot of you have updated but we?re still seeing stores running previous unpatched versions and we urge those store owners to update immediately.

Updaters are cumulative so you?ll only need to get the latest to bring your store right up to date. Updaters as always can be downloaded from and purchased if necessary from

If you have any questions on these features or anything else you?ve read in the newsletter we?d love to hear from you.