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Ecommerce Templates Newsletter November 2007

Welcome to the November 2007 Ecommerce Templates newsletter

The November newsletter is going to be dedicated to getting traffic to your store. Mike Beebe from Datalinks, has written a great article for us on getting more traffic and we have added some tips to get you going.

Increase your ECT Store Traffic

I am sure you heard it before. Web traffic translates into dollars in your pocket. And on one level this is true, as long as you close sales while they are there. But the first step is to get them there. After that you can tweak your site to get higher closing percentages as they come. I will show you 4 ways you can increase your sites traffic in this article without spending a dime.

Search engine tips

We have compiled a few tips for you here to complement Mike's excellent article. They are in no particular order and hope they provide some food for thought.

Don't use a splash page. Adding a page with just a graphic or Flash movie as your home page is near on impossible to optimize for. It also erects a barrier to users for arriving at your products. If you have a splash page, we say dump it!

Get an analytics package. It's imperative to know how users are interacting with your store, where they come from, where they are going and where they are leaving. Google has a great package that will tell you this and more -

Webmaster Tools. Help Google to crawl your site, find bad requests, check site links and much much more here.

Deal with discontinued products. If you delete a product then a page that may have been indexed by the search engines will also have been lost. Think about marking the product as unavailable rather than deleting it or set up a Custom 404 error page with this great tip.

Content. Add fresh content regularly. Don't use the blurb supplied by the product manufacturer, use your own unique keyword rich descriptions. Set up some general product information articles that link to your products. Keep it fresh!


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