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Ecommerce Templates Newsletter September 2016

Welcome to the September 2016 Ecommerce Templates newsletter

Welcome to the September edition of the Ecommerce Templates Newsletter where we'll provide some tips for getting your store ready for the next major update.

Version 6.6

In a recent newsletter we announced the "Quick Buy" feature, which we have been working on for the Version 6.6 major release. It's a button that can go on the products page to offer a pop-up display of the product details so customers can see all the product information, select options and add to cart without actually going to a new page. What we're going to talk about here though is how to get your site ready so you can use it with the powerful cross selling features already available in ECT.

Cross Selling / Quick Buy

You may well be familiar with adding the cross selling feature to your cart page, displaying related or also bought items once someone has added to cart but there's much more available than just that. The general set up is outlined on the Cross Selling Help page but we want to explain how to take this further and prepare your store for the Quick Buy feature.

Here are some examples of how we use the cross selling features on our main site and demo stores...

The techniques we've used here are discussed in the cross selling help page and on our dedicated Home Page Layout page. You might want to think about how you can use them on your ECT store, and as long as you are using the CSS product layout you can simply add the Quick Buy button to the display when Version 6.6 is released.

Latest Releases

These are our latest releases and remember if you already have a store set up with ECT and want to change designs and / or switch to tablet and smart phone friendly responsive design you can do that a hugely discounted price with our Replacement Software offer.

Responsive Design Styles

Our latest responsive design looks great across all devices whether it's your computer, tablet or smartphone. If your current site is looking a bit tired you could get our Software Replacement service to give the store a face lift and make it mobile friendly at the same time...view template

CSS Virtual Styles

This is the regular version of the new design we have just released. It comes with a dwt file so global edits are made simple through Dreamweaver or Expression Web. It offers plenty of scope for customization and of course all the colors, graphics and text can be changed to suit your needs...view template

Version 6.5.6

Version 6.5.6 was released this week. It's mainly a round up of fixes and general improvements to the code. As always we recommend keeping up to date with updaters. They are cumulative so you will only ever need to update to the latest version and all the features and fixes from previous versions will be more