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Ecommerce Templates Newsletter December 2020

Welcome to the December 2020 Ecommerce Templates newsletter

Happy Holidays and welcome to the December edition of the Ecommerce Templates Newsletter where we are pleased to announce a price restructuring for all our Ecommerce Plus templates. Responsive and Premium Responsive designs for the price of the CSS Templates and no more paid extras*. Now we're including nearly all features as standard and all for one low price.

We're also pleased to announce the release of v7.2.5 which builds on the Premium CSS Layout system.

So if you've got some free time these holidays, why not give your site a makeover! Or start a new project.

* There are one or two paid extras such as the Digital Downloads . . . but pretty much it's all included as standard.

The following items have now been added to the standard updater...

ECT Side Filter Bar 2 (was € 89.95)
CSS Premium Layouts (was € 49.95)
Mini CSS Widgets (was € 35.95)
Drop Down Minicart (was € 21.00)

Price Restructuring

Where previously versions such as the CSS Ecommerce Plus, Responsive Design and Premium Responsive versions came with different features and price ranges, all the prices are now the same as the lowest, just ?79.00 (or ?69.00 for the Generic version.) But at the same time all templates are now Responsive and all the features of the Premium Responsive are now included as standard such as the Side Filter Bar and Drop Down Minicart. Now you can set up a store for the price of some systems monthly fee!

v7.2.5 Released

v7.2.5 has been released and will now become the Stability Version where only bug fixes for current features will be added. The new release builds on the Premium CSS Layouts feature which is now the standard for new templates.

Premium CSS Layouts

Here are some examples of the different Premium CSS Layouts included as standard.

You can mix and match between these layouts and choose alternate Quick Buy layouts also.

Admin Section Redesign

Our special thanks go to the renowned Canadian designer, Guy Fortier for his help in giving the ECT Admin and Support Forum a completely new look. Check out the admin here with default login of mystore / changeme