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Ecommerce Templates Newsletter March 2016

Welcome to the March 2016 Ecommerce Templates newsletter

Welcome to the March edition of the Ecommerce Templates Newsletter.

Recent Update with Security Fix

We have just released Version 6.5.4 - this is a critical security update for the ASP and PHP versions. Due to its importance the 6.4 and 6.3 versions have also been updated with the fix. If you have an earlier version and are unable to update to the latest for any reason, please let us know and we'll see what can be done. We very strongly advise everyone to apply the updater to avoid a possible execution of remote code on your server, and possibly giving hackers access to your customer's credit card numbers.

After updating, change your FTP and database login and password.

Updaters are cumulative so you'll only need to get the latest to bring your store right up to date. Updaters as always can be downloaded from and purchased if necessary from

Amazon Payments (Login and Pay with Amazon)

Amazon Pay is now out of beta and available for deployment on live stores. It allows your customers to use their current Amazon account to purchase goods from your store. The customer would check out as normal and choose Amazon Payments as their payment method on the shipping and billing page. They would then be presented with a widget that contains their Amazon account address and card details to choose from. If successful the customer will continue on the store to choose their shipping preferences and then onto the confirmation page.

The integration is available for both US and UK merchants and the set up details are available here

Configurable Product and Detail Pages

Back in Version 6.2.6 we introduced the ability to order the elements on the product detail page so you have complete control over their placement and formatting. This was extended in Version 6.5 to include the product page too. Since that time we have been adding new features to the layout which you can choose to show and position in your own personalized manner.

The latest addition to the list in Version 6.5.4 is the ability to display when the product was added to stock along with an accompanying configurable label. Other recent additions have been to offer a detail link in the css layouts on the product page, show review stars on both pages, with both small and large versions available, as well as the search words feature, quantity pricing display and up to three custom fields.

You will need to be using the css layouts for the product and detail pages along with the list of elements in the order you want them to display. There's more information on our help page here

We hope to expand this capability in future releases so if there's anything you'd like to see included, please let us know.

Version 6.5.4 also provided a round up of fixes as outlined in the forum post here

If you have any questions about this release and specifically the security fix, please let us know.