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Ecommerce Templates Newsletter December 2016

Welcome to the December 2016 Ecommerce Templates newsletter

Welcome to the December edition of the Ecommerce Templates Newsletter where we are thrilled to announce the full release of ECT Version 6.6.0.

Version 6.6.0 Release

ECT Version 6.6.0 is now available as a general release. It has gone through stringent testing and has been deployed on many live stores now including ECT itself. Feedback has been really positive and we have even managed to add a couple of extra features and tweaks.

Live Examples of Version 6.6.0 Features

CSS Package and Layout Service

We are continually adding to the add-ons, plug-ins and services we offer and the latest two are the CSS Bundle and CSS Layout Service.

Using the popular ECT Packages feature we have put together a pack of our three most popular css add-ons and for a limited time only are offering a 20% discount on the three.

If you are using an older table based layout for the product and category pages, and want to take advantage of some of the exciting new layout features we have put together a CSS Layout Service where we will swap your old tables display for a css layout that can use features such as the Quick Buy, Social Media Buttons, Custom Fields etc.

All our add-ons and services can be found on the Ecommerce Tools page.

Updaters and CSS file

The css file,ectcart.css is now included in the updater - previously it was only available from our downloads page. There are new css classes required in the new release so we suggest copying the new css file to overwrite the old file so you can be sure of having those new css classes. The new classes are outlined in our 6.6 forum support forum thread.

Updaters as always are available from our updaters page - it doesn't matter which version you are currently running, you can always update to the latest and greatest without going through all previous versions first. If you want to be informed automatically of the new features included in the updaters you can subscribe to the Updater forum - that means you'll receive an email each time a new post is added.