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Loyalty points / reward points program

Increase the number of returning customers to your store by implementing the loyalty points system introduced in Version 6.1. Customers will be given a number of points depending on the value of items purchased and the points / cash ratio set by the store owner. These can be redeemed on subsequent orders or saved up for larger purchases. They can also be used to give store credit as the total points are editable through the control panel.

Key Features

  • Define the value of the points
  • Customer can choose to redeem the points or save for later
  • System automatically detects users with points, no need to enter codes
  • Works with existing customer login system
  • Reward points are editable through the control panel, allowing for customer credit
  • Points value included in order notification and customer's account page.

Set up instructions

Turning the feature on is very simple, just add the following to vsadmin/includes.asp


or to vsadmin/includes.php


Which means that 100 points is equivalent to one dollar, pound, euro or whichever currency you are using on your store. In the code the default redemption value for a point is 0.0001 but that can be changed with this switch in vsadmin/includes.asp


or in vsadmin/includes.php


The system does require the use of the customer login feature (ASP Version | PHP Version) so only sales made by a logged in customer will be assigned points. The store owner can edit the number of points through the client login admin page - this is particularly useful if you need to issue store credits. Points are awarded on the total value of the cart less any discounts which have been applied. They are also independent of shipping and handling.

If you need to turn off loyalty points for customers who receive wholesale pricing and / or a percentage discount you will need a minimum of Version 6.5 and the following in includes.asp


or in includes.php