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Payment provider Settings

When you click on the payment providers list you will see a list of integrated payment processors. In the example below we have provided the links to our online help files as well as a short Glossary of Terms. The numbers next to each payment provider refer to the order they are listed on checkout in your store.

Use this page to update payment provider details.

Use this page to update payment provider details.

PayPal Checkout - Help file

PayPal Payments Standard - (Deprecated. Please use PayPal Checkout.)

Paypal Direct Payments - (Deprecated. Please use PayPal Checkout.)

2Checkout - ASP help | PHP help (AIM) - ASP help | PHP help (SIM) - ASP help | PHP help

Braintree - ASP help | PHP help

Custom - More details

Elavon / Opayo / SagePay - ASP help | PHP help

Email / Email 2 - More details

Linkpoint - ASP help | PHP help

Netbanx - ASP help | PHP help

NOCHEX - ASP help | PHP help

PayPal Payflow Pro - ASP help | PHP help

Paypal Payflow Link - ASP help | PHP help

Paypoint - ASP help | PHP help

Psigate - ASP help | PHP help

Square / SquareUp - ASP help | PHP help

Stripe - ASP help | PHP help

WorldPay - ASP help | PHP help


The Email Notification option will send an email to the store owner and the purchaser with the details of an order. It will not contain credit card details and is mainly used for payment methods such as paying by check, mail order, COD etc. where the seller would contact the buyer after receiving the order. It is possible to rename the email option so it reflects the use it is being put to. Email 2 is used for the same purpose if you need to differentiate between the two. There is a also a third email option that can be set up using the Custom method.

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This option is used for those payment providers not integrated directly into the inccart file but are available as plug-ins. So if you are using payment processors such as Protx, USAepay, Ogone, eway, Paymate, Moneris, Barclays EPDQ etc. you can download the files from here and follow the instructions from the relevant help pages. If the payment provider you want to use is not listed on our site then it may still be possible to integrate them. The two files that have been made available for this purpose are called customppsend and customppreturn and are located in the vsadmin/inc/ folder. Some set ups can be quite tricky so it may be the case that you will need to get a developer in to set up the integration for you.

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Glossary of terms

  • Authorize Capture / Authorize Only
    Authorize Capture credits your account with funds taken from the cardholders account. Authorize Only will just check the cardholder's account to see if sufficient funds are available. Then, at some time later you can go to your payment provider admin panel and "Capture" these funds. This can be useful as in some areas you can't legally take money from someone's account until you have physically shipped the goods.
  • Login Level
    It is possible to restrict the use of payment methods by choosing a login level in conjunction with the Customer Login feature. Only logged in buyers will be able purchase using this restricted method.
  • Demo Mode
    For testing most payment providers there is the option of putting the account into demo mode. This is highly recommended to make sure the store is fully operational before taking live orders.

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