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Psigate and Ecommerce Templates

Psigate and Ecommerce Templates

There are 2 options for PSiGate which are PSiGate and PSiGate SSL. The difference is that PSiGate will take the credit card number on the PSiGate server, which can be useful if you don´t want the extra expense of having to purchase a secure server for your site. PSiGate SSL will take the credit card number on your site which means that your customers get to maintain the same site look and feel throughout the checkout process, but does require a secure (SSL) certificate.

Enabling PSiGate SSL will force the second phase of checkout to take place on a secure (https) connection. For instance, with PSiGate SSL enabled, you will find that after viewing the contents of the cart and clicking checkout, the URL changes from

If you do not yet have a certificate installed, this will fail. To purchase an SSL certificate we can recommend

You have to inform PSiGate which method you are going to use. For testing purposes and to help you decide, you can use the following test Merchant ID´s:

For PSiGate: teststore

For PSiGate SSL: teststorewithcard

You also have the option of setting the transaction type as Sale, which is a normal transaction which is settled immediately. Or, you could choose a transaction type of Pre-Authorize. This will check the customers card to make sure funds are available but not actually transfer the money. To do this you must then log into your PSiGate admin section to settle the pre-authorized transaction.

From v5.2.4 and above the Ecommerce Plus templates use the new HTML posting interface. If upgrading from previous versions login to your PSiGate account at, choose the appropriate account, select HTML Capture Settings from the menu, modify the Results Version from Backwards Compatible to 1.2 and SAVE.

Please do read our guide here on credit card fraud.

That's all there is to it really - any comments on the set up can be posted on our Support Forum.