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Ecommerce Templates FAQ - PHP Version

This FAQ contains the following information

Can I get updates for my Ecommerce Plus Template?

  • Yes, we have built the Ecommerce Plus Templates in a modular system with the ability to upgrade in mind. You can get the latest updater here, you can check the your version number in the main admin page of you control panel. Updaters are cumulative so you will only ever need to apply the latest release. For a full list of features in recent releases, please check out our updaters forum.

I need a SSL certificate for my web site to use the Ecommerce Templates?

  • This will depend on the payment provider you are hooking up with. If you are unsure, please let us know.

When I open my php pages in Dreamweaver , I don't see the products that are entered in my database

  • To view PHP dynamic content correctly, you must use a webserver. You can use a local webserver such as Personal Web Server or IIS with PHP installed to test, but you have to view the page in a browser using a URL such as

Can I link directly to a product category?

  • Sure. To find out the url that you need to link to, set up your store and click on one of the product categories from the categories.asp page. You should see a URL something like this in the address bar in your browser...
    Just copy and paste this into your link and it will link directly to your category.

I don't know if my host supports PHP. How can I tell?

  • Normally you can just ask your host, or look at your hosting plan. Failing that, just create a simple page, and in HTML view between the <BODY> and </BODY> tags add this line of code...
    <?php print("Hello World")?>
    Now give the page a extension of .php and upload it to your server. If when you view this page in a browser you just see the text "Hello World" then you probably can use PHP.

Can I change all the text that the store generates?

  • Yes you can, open the file vsadmin/inc/languagefile_en.php and search for the text there that needs modifying.

Can I change the order of my product listing and have products side by side?

  • Both these options can be changed in the file vsadmin/includes.php - there are a number of tweaks that can be made and they are outlined here.