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Drop shipping - How it works

This feature was added in Version 4.8.0 and allows you to group products per manufacturer, designer, dropshipper etc., keep track of the sales per group and includes the ability to send an email notification when a particular order is placed through your store. This may be to the drop shipping company, a manufacturer, a contributor or anyone really you need to notify of a sale. If you want to read more about drop shipping in genral, please read our drop shipping guide.

How to set it up

The first thing you will need to do is set up an account for each drop shipper / manufacturer so click on the link Dropshipper / Designer / Manufacturers link from your admin home page and you will be presented with a screen like this.

Drop shipping

Click on the button "Click to Add New" and you will be able to set up the details.

Drop shipper

Fill in all the details. If you want the drop shipper to receive notification of a sale with details of the order then select "Send Email" from the drop menu. Once you have set up the accounts for each entity you can then choose who needs to be notified from the drop down box on the product admin pages.

Drop ship

Sales can then be tracked through the dropshipping admin page.

Drop shipping admin

The email address is clickable so you can contact the person directly and it's also possible to modify their details or delete the entry from the dropshipping admin page.

Email formatting

You can add your own header and footer to the drop shipping email that is generated by the store through the email messaing page