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Worldpay and Ecommerce Templates

Worldpay and Ecommerce Templates

Click here to create an account with WorldPay.

Once you have opened your account with WorldPay and been accepted, open your Ecommerce Plus Template admin pages and go to the Payment Provider section.

Now click on Modify next to WorldPay.

Where it says "Account Number" you want to enter the "Installation ID" that was sent to you by WorldPay.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Make sure it is your installation ID and not your company ID that you enter. The 2 numbers are very similar and can easily be confused.
Make sure that the Enabled and Demo Mode checkboxes are checked.
Please note that WorldPay would have given you a password to enter their administration area. You do NOT want to enter that into the Ecommerce Template admin area.

Worldpay admin

Now go to the WorldPay online administration area at
Here you need to enter your WorldPay username and password.

Click on “Installations” in the left hand menu. Now you should see your store instance listed, for instance…
123456 (Select Junior - QuickBooks – Your Store Ltd - QuickBooks)
Now click on the button for “Integration Setup” for the TEST environment which will take you to the Installation Administration page.

With your Ecommerce Plus template, in the vsadmin directory, you will notice that you have a file called wpconfirm.php. You want to set the "Payment Response URL" to point to this file. So for instance it might be . . .
Make sure the "Payment Response enabled" checkbox is checked.
Make sure the "Enable the Shopper Response" checkbox is checked.

You are also encouraged to set up a Payment Response password and MD5 secret for transactions. All you do is on this Integration Setup page towards the bottom of that page, enter a value for these 2 settings. It can be anything you like using numbers and letters (between 21 and 30 characters including both upper and lower case, numbers and a special character but not @ or $) but make it different for the 2 values. Now go to your Ecommerce Templates admin payment providers page for WorldPay and enter these values you just set where you see “MD5 Secret (Optional)” and “Callback password (Optional)”.

While in your WorldPay Payment Provider Admin page you should enter your WorldPay account number and make sure the “Enabled” check box is checked. You should check the “Demo Mode” check box if using the test environment.
Now click “Submit” in your Ecommerce Templates admin page and "save changes" in your WorldPay Installation Administration page.

While your WorldPay account is in test mode you can use the following Credit Card number for testing purposes . . .
4111 1111 1111 1111
. . . along with any valid (ie in the next 5 years) expiry date.
You are strongly encouraged to fully test the system.

After testing make sure to take your Ecommerce Plus template OUT of demo mode in the Payment Providers admin page.

Also, once you have finished testing at the bottom of the Installation Administration page where we made the above changes, right at the bottom of the page where you see “Copy Data of this Environment to Production Environment” click the button “Copy to Production”. Then click on the button in the left hand menu “Switch to Production” to start the process for going live.

How WorldPay works with our shopping cart software.

WorldPay allows you to receive orders via credit card in multiple currencies.

Once a customer has added an item or items to their shopping cart and clicked on "Checkout" they are taken to a form to enter their personal details, once this is completed the customer can check their purchase total, and if they are in agreement will be forwarded to the secure WorldPay server to give their credit card details. Most of the WorldPay form is pre-populated by the details given on the store form so it only takes a moment to add the credit card number in a secure environment, and be sent back to the store again.

When the transaction has gone through, the buyer will receive a confirmation email from WorldPay and the seller will be informed that there has been an order on the store.

NOTE: md5 Secret and callback password features of WorldPay are supported.

Please do read our guide here on credit card fraud.

That's all there is to it really - any comments on the set up can be posted on our Support Forum.