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PayPal PayFlow Pro and Ecommerce Templates

PayPal Payflow Pro and Ecommerce Templates

US merchants implementing Paypal PayFlow Pro can enroll in the Verified by Visa program.

This is a slightly more complicated than other payment processing systems we offer, in that the credit card transaction takes place on your own server, and hence you require an SSL certificate on your site.

Enabling Payflow Pro will force the second phase of checkout to take place on a secure (https) connection. For instance, with Payflow Pro enabled, you will find that after viewing the contents of the cart and clicking checkout, the URL changes from

If you do not yet have a certificate installed this will fail. To purchase an SSL certificate we can recommend

Now you just need to enter the information that PayPal provided you with when you opened your account by going to your store admin and clicking on Edit Payment Providers, and you should be all set.

Please note that it is possible to use shared SSL space if your host provides for this, but you must be able to access the same database as for the rest of your store. To do this, you need to copy at least these files to your shared SSL space . . .
. . . plus probably your images directory.
Then set the pathtossl as above to the directory that contains these files. For instance
pathtossl = ""

We have provided more information about setting up on a secure server here

Please do read our guide here on credit card fraud.