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ASP Parameters

In the vsadmin folder there's a file called includes.asp - this is where you can specify some important tweaks regarding mail, shipping, display etc. You can add any of the variables below to the page includes.asp - the order of the list is not important but make sure there are no duplicates.

Display options

Shipping / tax options

Admin tweaks

Payment options

Layout options

Email options

Customer login

Customer reviews

Image tweaks

Affiliate options

Discount options

Gift certificates

Gift registry / wish lists

Tabbed panels

Email options

Email a friend

This can be set in conjunction with the social media features which are explained on this page.

Email orders

If you need to set email orders as Authorized in your admin orders page, set

Please note that if you use a value less than 3 then the orders are not authorized your cart will not clear after purchase.

An order status below 3 is not considered "completed". If this isn't what is needed, then it is better to make a new order status like "Received email order" and assign the emailorderstatus to that new status id. That way the order will be "completed".

Order status email always on

Using the setting


will mean that the checkbox for "email order status change" is always set by default.

Collect email addresses

Customers are asked on checkout if they would be willing to receive promotional emails and if so their email is added to the database for you to use with your mailshots.
If the following is set in the vsadmin/includes.asp file then by default the box will be checked.


Remove mailing list checkbox

Set this in vsadmin/includes.asp


to remove the mailing list checkbox.

Stop email confirmation for mailing list

Setting this in vsadmin/includes.asp


will stop the email a customer receives to verify their mailing list sign-up. By default the customer will receive an email to verify their address and intention.

Opt in / out mailing list drop down

Setting this in vsadmin/includes.asp


will show a drop down menu of selecting to opt in or out of signing up to the mailing list on checkout. This is important as part of the 2018 GPDR requirements.

If you prefer to display that as radio options use


Ask a question

If you want your customers to be able to mail you directly about a product on the detail page, this can be set in conjunction with the social media features which are explained on this page.

There is a flood control feature so if you need to override this, for testing for example use


...where 40 is the maximum number before ip blocking is enabled

You can add up to 9 extra questions to the Ask a Question screen like this

askquestionparam1="Extra Param1"
askquestionhtml1="<select name=""ectfield"" id=""ectfield"" size=""1""><option value="""">Please Select...</option><option value=""Test 1"">Test 1</option><option value=""Test 2"">Test 2</option></select>"

askquestionparam2="Extra Param2"
askquestionhtml2="<select name=""ectfield"" id=""ectfield"" size=""1""><option value="""">Please Select...</option><option value=""Test 1"">Test 1</option><option value=""Test 2"">Test 2</option></select>"

askquestionparam3="Extra Param3"
askquestionhtml3="<select name=""ectfield"" id=""ectfield"" size=""1""><option value="""">Please Select...</option><option value=""Test 1"">Test 1</option><option value=""Test 2"">Test 2</option></select>"

Verify email address on checkout (Minimum version 7.0)

If you want customers to verify their email address on checkout add the following...


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Layout options

Product listings

The product sort order is set in the admin main settings page but you can override this with the orsortby parameter. This is handy if you want to use them on static pages with a different listing. Please note this setting also overrides the listing choices in the new product filter bar.

orsortby=1 ' list your products alphabetically

orsortby=2 ' Sort by product ID

orsortby=3 ' Product Price - Ascending

orsortby=4 ' Product Price - Descending

orsortby=5 ' No order - fastest display

orsortby=6 ' "Product Order" value from the product admin - Ascending.

orsortby=7 ' "Product Order" value from the product admin - Descending.

orsortby=8 ' Date added - Ascending.

orsortby=9 ' Date added - Descending

orsortby=13 ' Random order

orsortby=14 ' Sort by SKU - Ascending

orsortby=15 ' Sort by SKU - Descending

Product layout options

We recommend using css layouts for product layouts, but for those still using table based layouts to view the available parameters.

Continue shopping

If you need to change the continue shopping link on thanks.asp, use the following


If you need to change Home URL in the product / category breadcrumbs, use the following


Category layout

categorycolumns=1 - will give you a vertical list of categories in a single list

categorycolumns=2 - will show the categories in two columns

categorycolumns=3 - will show the categories in three columns

sortcategoriesalphabetically=TRUE - will sort your categories alphabetically

Dynamic menu

You can now limit the number of "popout levels" that the dynamic menus pop out to by setting the parameter


. . . where 2 in this example would limit to 2 popout levels.

Change the ">>" that precedes sub-menus

If you want to change the display of the >> that precedes the sub menus use the following to show a "0" for example


.or to removing it completely


Product detail static page

You can set the character of your choice that is used between the individual words of the product name which make up the product detail static page. For example if you want to separate the words with a hyphen then set

urlfillerchar="-" get a page name like this product-name.asp

Show thumbnail image in the shopping cart

If you want to show a thumbnail image in the cart of the product a customer has purchased, add this to vsadmin/includes.asp


Link the thumbnail image in the shopping cart

If you want to link the thumbnail image in the cart to its product detail page, add this to vsadmin/includes.asp


Multi-purchase columns

If you are using the multi purchase feature, you can specify the number of columns for the quantity boxes with the following setting


Change manufacturers page name

If you need to change the name of manufacturers.asp, use the following


List categories alphabetically

You can list categories alphabetically on the store with the following


Enable recently viewed items

To enable the recently viewed items feature, set the following


To limit the number of recently viewed items in the list...


Setting the category root

To display root categories in the css menus, set the following


Limit menu levels

To limit the number of pop-out or drop-down levels, set the following


. . . where 2 in this example would limit the hierarchy to 2 levels.

Banded prices in product filter bar (Minimum

To change the banded price thresholds in the product filter bar, set the following


. . . where 150 is the banded threshold value.

To change the default sort text labels in the product filter bar, you can use the following

sortoption1="Sort Alphabetically"
sortoption2="Sort by Product ID"
sortoption3="Sort Price (Asc.)"
sortoption4="Sort Price (Desc.)"
sortoption5="Database Order"
sortoption6="Product Order"
sortoption7="Product Order (Desc.)"
sortoption8="Date Added (Asc.)"
sortoption9="Date Added (Des.)"
sortoption10="Sort by Manufacturer"

CSS layouts for the category, product and detail pages

To use the css based layouts for the category, product and detail pages, set the following


If you want to be able to order the elements on the product detail page, add the following to vsadmin/includes.asp, setting the order of your choice...

detailpagelayout="navigation, checkoutbutton, productimage, productid, manufacturer, sku, productname, discounts, instock, description, listprice, price, quantity, currency, dateadded, options, addtocart, previousnext, emailfriend, reviews"

shortdescription - this will show the short description on the detail page
custom1,custom2,custom3 - these will show the custom fields available in the product admin page on the detail page. You will need to add these to your includes.asp for the custom fields to appear at the bottom of the product admin page.

If you want to give titles to the custom fields add the following

detailcustomlabel1="Custom Title 1 "
detailcustomlabel2="Custom Title 2 "
detailcustomlabel3="Custom Title 3 "

To add the custom field names to the product admin page use

admincustomlabel1="Custom Title 1 "
admincustomlabel2="Custom Title 2 "
admincustomlabel3="Custom Title 3 "

If you want to include the keyword tags introduced you would add this to the list searchwords

You can also add the rating stars on the detail page..

Which will display the review stars in the same way as on the product pages

If you want to include the quantity pricing display you would add this to the list quantitypricing

The date the item was added to the database can be displayed with the addition of dateadded. If you also want to add a label next to the date use

dateaddedlabel="Product added to store"

You can add social media buttons to the product detail page css layout. Just add this to the list socialmedia.

For full details of how to display the social meda buttons, please visit the social media help page.

If you want to be able to order the elements on the products page, add the following to vsadmin/includes.asp, setting the order of your choice...

productpagelayout="productimage, addtocart, productid, sku, productname, manufacturer, discounts, dateadded, reviewstars, instock, custom1, description, options, listprice, price, currency, quantity, custom2"

You can add, "detaillink" to the list which can be added to the productpagelayout parameter to specify the Product Detail Link. The product detail link by default will be displayed as a link, but by setting the parameter "imgdetaillink" to the path of an image will display as an image.

If you set the parameter


then an HTML button will be generated.

You can add a Quick Buy button to the products. This will display a pop up of the product information and means that the customer doesn't have to click through to the detail page to see the full details of an item. It can also appear in the cross selling items meaning that you can have this feature on your home page, cart page or wherever you like really.

To enable the feature you would add quickbuy to the productpagelayout parameter

More information can be found on our css layouts help page.

Product columns for the mobile layout

If you need to set the number of product columns on the products pages just for mobile users and without interfering with your main site use the following


...where 1 is the number of columns you want to show on the mobile side. NOTE: This will be ignored if you are using the parameter above (usecsslayout=TRUE)

Product name in dynamic product detail page URL

To use the product name for dynamic product detail page links instead of the product id. To do this add the parameter...


When using this parameter you can set an optional replacement character for spaces. For instance if you set...


Then the product name "My Test Product" would result in "My-Test-Product"

When using this system, all product names must be unique or it will be impossible to view some of your products. Also, when using the optional space replacement character, you cannot then use that character in product names as again it will make it impossible to find those products in the database.

Remove soft cart feature

If you prefer not to use the pop up soft cart feature and continue to use the traditional cart, set the following


Show product name within <h1> tags on the product detail page (Minimum

You can choose to have the product name on the detail pages within <h1> tags. To do this add the following to vsadmin/includes.asp


Change the position of the zip / post code field on checkout

You can change the position of the Zip / Postal Code field in the customer details portion of checkout to allow for some European countries where the zip commonly comes before other address elements. Choose from one of the following.

zipposition=1 ' (Default) Places the Zip above the Phone Number
zipposition=2 ' Places the Zip above the Country Selector
zipposition=3 ' Places the Zip above the State Selector
zipposition=4 ' Places the Zip above the City entry box.

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Payment options

Force cart page onto https

If you want to force users onto a secure https connection when they visit the first cart screen of checkout add the following to includes.asp


Disabling SSL

Setting nochecksslserver=TRUE will disable the checking of payment systems that require an SSL server that check you are on an SSL connection.

This should not be set unless you are most certainly sure that you are on HTTPS. Our check for SSL can be fooled the way some servers set up their shared SSL certs so all this switch does is remove the warning in this case. It should NOT be used to enable yourself to view CC details on a non-SSL connection.

Add the parameter secretword to encrypt your merchant id and transaction key in the database for extra security. For example...

secretword="this is my secret word"

Please note that if you set this, you will have to reset your merchant id and transaction key in your admin payment providers page for

If you are using the AIM system you can now accept eChecks by choosing the "Accept eChecks" option in the payment providers admin page. You will need to have your account set up for accepting eChecks. AIM method can now be used with the WellsFargo SecureSource system using the setting

wellsfargo=true time adjust

Setting authnetadjust in vsadmin/includes.asp will adjust the timestamp by the given number of seconds. For instance . . .


Force the PayPal locale

To force the PayPal payment page locale to one of your choosing you could set...

paypallc="FR" force the default language / locale to French.

Force customers to select from the list of payment methods

To force customers to select from the list of payment methods rather than having the first one selected by default add...


Show available payment methods with radio buttons

If you want to show the available payment methods on checkout with a radio buttons vertically use...


... to show them with radio buttons horizontally use...


Add Google Analytics ecommerce code

In version 7.4.5 we have updated to Google Analytics 4 and you enter the tracking ID (of the form G-AAAAAAAAAA) in the admin main settings page. Then if you have the incectstyle.asp file included in your site you don't need to do anything else as the tracking code is included automatically. Otherwise, place the following code in the head section of your template so it is included on all pages (replacing the two occurrences of G-AAAAAAAAAA)...

<script async src=""></script>
window.dataLayer = window.dataLayer || [];
function gtag(){dataLayer.push(arguments);}
gtag('js', new Date());
gtag('config', 'G-AAAAAAAAAA');

Verified by Visa / Cardinal Commerce

If you are using Verified by Visa / Cardinal Commerce, you will need the following in vsadmin/includes.asp...

cardinalurl = ""

Persist in cart

To specify how long cart items stay in the cart for non-logged in customers, you will need the following in vsadmin/includes.asp...


... where 5 is the number of days the item will remain.

Payment provider extra parameter

If you need to specify a particular parameter for a specific payment provider you will need the following in vsadmin/includes.asp...

payprovextraparams1="<input type=""hidden"" name=""charset"" value=""UTF-8"" />"

... where 1 is the id of the payment provider (PayPal in this example).

Gift wrapping charge

If you need need to turn on the gift wrapping feature, you can set the cost of gift wrapping with the following in vsadmin/includes.asp...


No price anywhere on the store

If you need to completely strip prices from the product listings and shopping cart for use in situations where quotes can be requested by ordering for instance, set...


PayPal Order Description

The order description sent to PayPal is limited to 127 characters which may cause item names not to be displayed by PayPal. If you prefer to show your own generic description add the following for example...

cartdescription="My Shopping Cart Items Description"

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Shipping and tax options

Adding tax to shipping and / or handling

If you need to add tax to shipping you'll need to choose taxShipping=1 - if not leave it as it is ie. taxShipping=0

Setting taxShipping=2 will add the shipping tax to the state and country tax totals.

If you need to add tax to handling you'll need to choose taxHandling=1 - if not leave it as it is ie. taxHandling=0

Setting taxHandling=2 will add the handling tax to the state and country tax totals.

Add a handling charge which is a percentage of the cart total + shipping + handling. For instance you could set .

Removing the shipping address



to cause a shipping address entry section not to be shown on the checkout page if set.

Will pick up option


willpickuptext="Will Pickup"

If you want to allow your customers the option of picking up their purchase from your physical location. The text here can be changed as necessary.



To set the cost of picking up from your location. Set to zero if there is no charge.

On Canadian based stores the home state tax rate will need to be set as well with the parameter...


...where 8 is the percentage of the local province tax rate.

To remove the handling charge for Will Pick Up orders use


Show tax inclusive prices

To show tax exclusive price followed by the inclusive price on the products page use showtaxinclusive=1 - the wording for the tax can be changed in vsadmin/inc/languagefile_en.asp.

To only show tax inclusive price, set


If the tax is already assumed to be included in the product price, set


UPS Options

The way that you deliver your packages to UPS for delivery can affect the total cost of delivering the package. We have set the default as "Customer Counter", though you can change this by setting the following in your vsadmin/includes.asp file . . .


The code in quotes there would be taken from the following table...

01 - Daily Pickup
03 - Customer Counter
06 - One Time Pickup
07 - On Call Air
19 - Letter Center
20 - Air Service Center

Remember to enclose the code above in double quotes. Also, please note that these options are not exactly the same as you might find on the UPS web site but we hear that is something that UPS are working on...more information

The signature options available for UPS are...

Commercial location

Set the following in vsadmin/includes.asp ...


...if you want to place a question and checkbox on checkout for shipping to a commercial location. This is automatically set for UPS but can be used for other shipping methods.


if you want the default set to "on" instead of defaulting to "off". That will still give the customer the opportunity to set it to residential, and will not set to commercial if on a previous order they set residential.

Packing slip list order

If you need to sort the items on the packing list by the product id or product name, use the following in includes.asp...


These parameters were added to allow for sorting of the products in an order along with the invoice and packing slip

packingslipsort="cartprodid DESC"

Split heavy packages

Adding the parameter splitpackat when using UPS or USPS shipping will split heavy packages into multiple packages. For instance...


Split large packages

By default large packages are split so a rate will be returned. If you need to turn off that feature, you will need the following...


Per product tax rate

To set a tax rate per product add this and a tax rate box will appear in the product admin page...


Shipping estimator

To place a shipping estimator on the cart page before checkout use


There is also this parameter you can set if you are using a shipping method like weight based or price based shipping where the ship state is necessary . . .


Please note, this is not necessary for UPS / USPS / Canada Post shipping as it is the zip / postal code that is used.

This switch is available to not set a default zip (postal) code for the shipping estimator . . .


To remove the estimated number of days for delivery displayed. . .


Radio buttons to replace drop down choices

If you would like to present the available shipping options as radio buttons rather than the default drop down choices then set the following . . .


Combine shipping and handling

Shipping and handling can be combined with the switch . . .


Default shipping tracking

This allows selection of the default shipping carrier on the tracking page. The choices are "ups", "usps" and "fedex". For instance...


If you need to offer a choice of carriers for tracking, add the following


If you want the tracking link on orderstatus.asp to go to your tracking.asp page rather than the carrier web site for tracking details set the following.


If your carrier uses a 10 digit tracking code you can set the default tracking link for the carrier using the following


...changing the URL to the correct one for your carrier (Version 6.9 required)

Removing FedEx discounted rates

If you receive discount rates from FedEx, this setting will give the customer the full default rate


FedEx delivery options

These services are available for FedEx shipping
Presents customer with Saturday Delivery option
envelope, pak, box, tube, 10kgbox, 25kgbox
Declares which payment option is used for Cash On Delivery
none indirect direct adult
Allows customer to select Signature Release as an option
Calculates rates based on an inside pickup (freight only)
Packages will not be rated as if they are shipped on a weekend (6.5.3 required)

The C.O.D. / Saturday Delivery / Signature (direct, adult) / Packaging switches will also work with UPS.

FedEx SmartPost

These are the parameters associated with FedEx SmartPost

smartpostancendorsement = "CARRIER_LEAVE_IF_NO_RESPONSE"

USPS container types

If you need to specify container types for USPS shipping then you'll need the following addition

uspsprioritycontainer="flat rate box"

available options for priorirty mail: flat rate envelope / flat rate box / lg flat rate box

uspsexpresscontainer="flat rate envelope"

To make the system use whatever flat rate box fits rather than having to specify container types explicitly, use the following...


Use domestic shipping

If you need to force the USA and Canada to both use the "domestic" shipping method rather than the international shipping method you have setup in admin, set the following


Automatically copy the billing address to the shipping address.

If you want to automatically copy the billing address to the shipping address if a shipping address is not entered, set the following


Force the state selector in the shipping estimator.

If you want to force the state selector in the shipping estimator, set the following


Set the initial box weight.

If you want to set the initial weight of your shipping box / packaging, set the following


Show USA States and Canadian Provinces for use in the admin zones page.

If you want to need to set State / Province zones for both countries when using weight or price based shipping, set the following


Discount online shipping rates.

If you want to set percentage discounts / increments per shipping carrier use the parameters...



...where -10 will discount the online shipping rate by 10% and 5 will increment the online shipping rate by 5%.

Zero tax display

If an item is tax exempt and you need to show the zero tax display rather than the default which is no display at all, add the following...


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Display options

Product page display numbers

To display the product page number links at the top of the page as well as the bottom set


Removing buy and checkout buttons

You can simply eliminate the buy and checkout buttons as well as the price for all products, this is done by choosing

nobuyorcheckout=true and noprice=true

Remove top navigation

If you need to remove the top navigation ie. home >> category >> product then set


Terms and Conditions

If you need to make your customers agree to your terms and conditions on checkout, go to your Admin Content Regions page and create a content region called "termsandconditions" which will be displayed automatically.

From version 7.4.5 onwards this is all you need to do, however previous versions also need to set this parameter.


Quantity boxes

If you are using the productpagelayout or detailpagelayout parameters then change "addtocart" to "addtocartquant" in the layout list. This will display the add to cart button plus the quantity input in the same container. You can also use "quantity" for a separate quantity input.

Add clickable buttons to Quantity boxes

To use clickable graphics to raise / lower the quantity of a product to add to cart add this parameter to the vsadmin/includes.asp file...


Graphics for the up / down buttons are available in the updater images folder.

Revamped clickable buttons for Quantity boxes (Minimum version 6.7)

To show + / - controls to the right of the quantity box to raise / lower the quantity of a product to add to cart add this parameter to the vsadmin/includes.asp file...


To show + / - controls either side of the quantity box to raise / lower the quantity of a product to add to cart add this parameter to the vsadmin/includes.asp file...



Zero price

If you set this, for instance...

pricezeromessage="<b>Price: Please call</b>"

...then in the case where a price is set to zero, this message will be printed instead. If the pricezeromessage is not set then products with a zero price will be displayed as Price: $0.00 as usual.

Show product id


...will cause the product id to display on the product pages. The text "Product ID" is from the vsadmin/inc/languagefile_en.asp as xxPrId. (Please note that if you are using the productpagelayout or detailpagelayout parameters then you need to include "productid" in the layout list.)

Hide product options


...this will hide all the product options on the products page.

Extra checkout fields

It is possible to add two new fields to your cart checkout page. The extraorderfield1 will go at the top of the billing and shipping form and the extraordefield2 at the bottom of the billing and shipping form.

extraorderfield1="Company Name"

- adds a company name field to the top of your cart checkout page, the text can be edited here for other uses.


- will make this field obligatory, setting to false will make it optional

extraorderfield2="Another Field"

- will add an additional field to the bottom of the cart checkout page, obviously the text will need editing here.


- will make this field obligatory, setting to false will make it optional

There are 2 other "checkout" parameters which will appear in the "Miscellaneous" section, following the additional information field. You can use these in the following way...

extracheckoutfield1="Checkout Field"
extracheckoutfield2="2nd Checkout Field"

To make these required use...


There is also a parameter to switch the control and the text which can be useful if you are using a checkbox or similar small control. To do that just add...


To specify custom HTML for these just use something like this for example...

extracheckoutfield1html="<input type=""checkbox"" name=""ectfield"" value=""Yes"">"

extracheckoutfield1html="<select name=""ectfield"" size=""1""><option value=""No"">No</option><option value=""Yes"">Yes</option></select>"

Extra fields on invoices / packing slips

If you don't want the extra checkout / order fields to appear on the printable invoice or packing slip, use the following...

Extra address line on checkout

To enable the use of an "Address Line 2" entry on the checkout form, use the following switch...

Forcing minimum purchase amount

Setting the parameter minpurchaseamount will force a minimum purchase amount. You can also set the parameter minpurchasemessage to display a message / html if the minimum purchase amount is not met. For instance...

minpurchasemessage="I'm sorry, we have a minimum purchase amount of £4.99. Please go back and <b>buy some more</b>"

Forcing minimum purchase quantity (Minimum Version 6.7)

Setting the parameter minpurchasequantity will force a minimum purchase quantity. You can also set the parameter minpurchasemessage to display a message / html if the minimum purchase quantity is not met. For instance...

minpurchasemessage="I'm sorry, we have a minimum purchase quantity of 12. Please go back and <b>buy some more</b>"

If you need to set a minimum purchase quantity level per product you can do that through the Quick Entry drop down in the product admin page of your store control panel

Alternative currency format

You can have total control over the display of the currency conversions if you require. For instance use the following. . .


In each of these %s is replaced by the actual currency value. Be careful that the symbols match the currencies you have chosen on your admin main page. Of course you can place any formatting or text here.

Product detail link

Instead of having the product “details” link leading to the proddetail.asp page, you can specify your own link by adding the following (for example) to your vsadmin/includes.asp file.

detailslink="<a href=""%largeimage%"" target=""_blank"">"

Any instances of %pid% will be replaced by the product id and any instances of %largeimage% will be replaced by the the value of you have set for large image in your admin products page. This will allow you to vary the links per product.

Hide product option price difference

By setting the switch . . .


. . . you can hide the price difference in the product option drop down menus and the checkout page. Only the total price will be shown.

Remove category id from Product Detail page

Set the following switch . . .


if you don't want the category id added to the product detail page links . . .

Showing stock totals / out of stock products on the products page

The parameter…
…is no longer used. To show the number of items in stock on your products pages please see productpagelayout or detailpagelayout parameters as you need to include "instock" in the layout list.



...if you don't want out of stock items to appear

For items where you don't want to display to the public the stock you have or where the stock level is irrelevant, use the following


...where any stock above 1000 units won't show the In Stock message and quantity in stock to the public.


Cross selling

This addition will show the cross selling features you want to display below the cart:

crosssellaction="recommended, related, alsobought, bestsellers"

These options are also used depending on what information you would like to display there

...will remove the buy and checkout buttons
...will remove the product options
...will remove the discounts text

If you want to change the text that introduces the cross selling features then add these to includes.asp

csrecommendedtitle="Your recommended title"
csalsoboughttitle="Your also bought title"
csrelatedtitle="Your related title"
csbestsellerstitle="Your best seller title"

If you want to limit the best seller date range to a specific number of days, use the following


... where 180 is the number of days in the range

To limit the number of products displayed, use the following ...

crosssellsectionmax=9 show nine cross selling products

To choose which elements to display in the cross selling add the following in vsadmin/includes.asp (Version 6.7 required)


...where you can choose any of the elements from the product page layout to add to the list.

Full set up details can be found on the cross selling help page.

Force product detail link


forcedetailslink=TRUE includes.asp will force a link to the corresponding product detail page even if there is no long description added through the product admin page.

Setting the limit of text in the short product description

If you want to limit the number of characters used on the products page for the product description then use this setting...


...where 100 is the number of characters that will be shown on the products page. This means that you can use the same description in both the long and short descriptions but the short description will be truncated at that point.

Show the SKU on the product and detail pages

If you want to show the SKU in the products and product detail pages then add this to vsadmin/includes.asp...

showproductsku="ISBN" will need to add the SKU to the product admin page. (Please note that if you are using the productpagelayout or detailpagelayout parameters then you need to include "sku" in the layout list.)

Show the manufacturers / filters on the search page

To show a drop down and allow customers to refine the search by manufacturer, use this setting...

searchbymanufacturer="Manufacturer" will need to define the manufacturers in the attributes admin page and select them from the product admin page.

To remove the filters from the search page use


To remove the filter count use


To remove the filters but show the manufacturer drop down use .


To choose which filters to show, use


which you can set so that only the product filter groups whose ID's are in the list will be presented on the search page as search filters.

Show the manufacturer on the products page

To show the manufacturer field on the products page, add


(Please note that if you are using the productpagelayout or detailpagelayout parameters then you need to include "manufacturer" in the layout list.)

Show options in cart that use product alt id

When added to cart, the option is not shown separately for products using the alt prod id feature but if you do need it listed in the cart, use the following.


Remove the category name and / or description

By default the category image, name, discounts and then description are displayed on the categories pages. To remove or reorder these elements, just add the following parameter to your includes.asp file and removing or reordering as required.


Split the first name and last name on checkout

If you would like to split the first name and last name on checkout add this


Use the category name as a category identifier

If you would like to use the category name as a category identifier, which can be handy for search engine purposes add this


Remove the label next to the product options

If you would like to remove the label next to the product options, you would need this addition


Remove the category drop down choices from the search page

If you would like to remove the category drop down choices from the search page, add the following


To do the same in the admin section...


Use the long description for the meta description tag

If you prefer to use the long description rather than the short description for the meta description tag, add the following


Notify when back in stock

To replace the Out of Stock message with a link to notify the customer when the product or option is back in stock, add the following...


Please note that you will need to be using the stock management feature to use this.

Display the total price in product options

If you prefer to show the full cost of the product depending on the option selected rather than the standard price difference, add the following...


MagicToolbox on products page

The MagicToolbox features will appear on the product detail page but if you would also like to show them on the products.asp page, set the following...


Change "magicZoomPlus" for the image effect you are using. A full set of parameters are available on our MagicToolbox help page.

Remove the additional information field on checkout

If you want to remove the additional information field on checkout, add the following...


Show linked keywords on the product detail page

If you want to show the keywords entered in the product admin page on your detail page add the following...


These will be clickable and linked to the search results. If you want to remove the search box on the results page, add the following


The title above the keywords can be changed so for example if you want a title of "Search Tags", enter the following

searchwordsheading="Search Tags"

If you want to use phrases or keyword combinations you can choose what syntax to use to show the separation in the search words field of the admin...


Change default checkout button text

If you want to change the text that appears on the checkout button you can use....


You can also have different text on the button at different stages of checkout...

xxCOTxt2="Checkout Step 2"
xxCOTxt3="Checkout Step 3"

The checkout buttons also have the class "checkoutbutton" for the first, second and third checkout steps, the classes are input.checkoutbutton1, input.checkoutbutton2 and input.checkoutbutton3 respectively. If you want to use the same class for each just use input.checkoutbutton.

Formatting product options (Minimum version 6.7)

If you want the product option label to be used as the "Please select line" use..


If you want to use some introductory text and then the product option label instead of the "Please select line" also use..

optionpleaseselecttemplate="Please Select %s..."

Dynamic breadcrumbs select menu (Minimum version 6.9.4)

If you want to create select menus of the breadcrumb list / navigation so you can switch between categories use...


If you want to style the select menu use the css class select.breadcrumbcats

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Affiliate options

Affiliates cookie

By default the affiliate cookie stays active for 30 days, this means that if somebody clicks on an affiliate link and then comes back later to purchase as long as it's within 30 days, the sales will be accredited to the affiliate partner. If you need to change this then the value here expireaffiliate=30 will have to be modified.

Affiliates commission

You can now set an affiliate percentage in the affiliates admin, and set a


to set a default commission for new affiliates

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Discount options

Remove discount / coupon feature

To remove the discount and coupon function choose


Hide discount or coupon text

To remove the discount and coupon text that appears on category and product pages


Apply discounts after shipping costs

Normally the free shipping threshold is calculated on the total value of goods before discounts. If you want free shipping calculated after product discounts set this parameter.


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Customer login

Enable customer login

To enable the customer login box you will need to add the line (if it's not already present)


Wholesale pricing

Wholesale prices can be set for product options. To do this add the parameter


You can disable discounts for logged in customers with the wholesale attribute by adding the parameter


You can set a separate minimum wholesale purchase amount and message by setting the following

minwholesalemessage="Your message"

Client login forwarding page

You can set per login level forwarding pages for the client login system or send the logged in client back to the referring page. To set the forwarding page for all pages you can set for instance . . .

Or optionally you can set . . .
. . . to set say a forwarding page for only those logged in with login level 2.

Force customer login

To force customers to create an account before checking out


Self register

To enable customers / clients to self register


Remove login prompt

If you need to remove the prompt on cart.asp to login then add this to your vsadmin/includes.asp file...


Customer login link

To provide a link to the customer account in the login minibox, add the following


Customer login default level

If you need to set a login level for new customers then you will need the following


...where 2 is the login level that will be applied to all new customers.

Customer login wholesale pricing

If you want a customer to be able to set up an account and see wholesale pricing then you will need the following


If you want customers to be given a specific discount following log in, you will need the following


... where 20 is the discount that will be applied to all new accounts created.

Set number of login levels

If you want to have more than the default 5 login levels, set the following to have 10 for example


Force customer login onto HTTPS

If you need your customers to login over a secure https connection, set the following


This will also work for the affiliate login page but you must have the HTTPS Store URL set also.

Loyalty / reward points

To turn on the loyalty points feature, set the following


....where 100 is the number of points per unit of currency eg $1 = 100 points.

The default redemption value for a point will be 0.0001 but that can be changed with


If you need to turn off loyalty points for customers who receive wholesale pricing and / or a percentage discount add the following to includes.asp


Extra client login fields

It is possible to add two extra fields to the client login admin and account. You can define these in vsadmin/includes.asp with the following...


If you want to make those required fields you will also need...


Remove create account button from checkout screen (Minimum version 6.9.2)

If you don't want to show a create account button on the billing / shipping step of checkout, add the following...


Minimum Password Length (Minimum version 7.0.1)

A minimum of 6 characters has been enforced when creating an account password, and any character is now allowed meaning your customer can use special characters and punctuation. If you do not want to enforce a 6 character limit you can add the following parameter to your vsadmin/includes.asp file...


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Admin tweaks

SQL server

If you need to use SQL server rather than the Microsoft Access database then you will need to put sqlserver=true. Also make sure you change your connection string as suggested in the instructions. The majority of users however will be working from Access and won't need to use this option.

Adjust date


...would adjust the date the order status was updated by 3 hours.


...would adjust it by minus 4 hours. This is so that if your server time is not the same as your local time then you can adjust for this.

Character sets

Greater support is now given for “Wide” Character sets such as Japanese and Chinese. You can set the following 2 switches...


...changing “shift_jis” for the actual character encoding used in your emails and admin section pages.

If your store is in a language which uses non-western characters in unicode, then you may need the following parameter...


This will recode the HTML unicode characters to the Javascript equivalent so that they can display correctly in Javascript alerts and drop down menus etc.

If you are running a store that requires right to left text set the following


Multiple languages

If you need to have more than one language then set:

languageid=2 indicate which language is being used for that particular admin section.

Second store URL

If you need to set up a second store on the same server but for a different domain then use the setting

orstoreurl="" includes.asp. This will override the Home URL in the main admin settings. You will also need to set the database connection in vsadmin/db_conn_open.asp to point to the first store database.

And for SSL, use the following...


Admin login

To receive notification of when somebody tries to enter your admin section set:


To disable the login to your admin section set:

This means that you can disable the vsadmin directory and create a copy in a directory with your choice of name that hackers will never know exists.

Froala admin HTML editor (Minimum version 6.9.4)

If you want the built in Froala HTML editor for your admin pages then add this to includes.asp...


You will need to download the Froala files separately from our downloads page and upload them as per the instructions there. Please note that image upload is not available for the ASP version.

State abbreviations



to use state abbreviations rather than state names

Static page redirection

If you are using static pages, an attempt to locate the page on the old dynamic URL will result in an HTTP "301 Moved Permanently" and a redirect to the static page. To enable this feature use the following setting in your vsadmin/includes.asp file...


Set proxy server

A proxy server can be set where necessary by setting...


Streamlining search

You can use these parameters to refine or streamline what columns in the products database table are searched...





nosearchprodid=TRUE ' (v7.2.1+)

nosearcharticles=TRUE ' (v7.2.6+)

For the product admin search in the control panel...



If you want to set the number of categories per page in the admin set the following...


2 way related products

If you are using the related products feature and want the relation to work both ways ie if you relate Product A to Product B then Product B will automatically be related to Product A without having to set up that relationship, set the following...


Disable admin automatic update checking

If your host has a firewall installed that blocks access to you may find you have problems when the system automatically checks for updates. In this case please set the following...


This will stop the admin from checking for the latest version of the software and should only really be used if there are connection problems and your host is unwilling to open the Firewall for that URL. Apart from new features, the updaters provide very important security fixes that you can be advised upon through the admin.

Turn off PA-DSS compliance features

Changes in the way the cart is assessed for PA-DSS means that we no longer have to have some of the more annoying features enabled by default. That means that you will not be logged out of admin after 15 minutes, that the admin back button will work, that you don't have to change your password every 90 days and can go back to an old favourite password. If you DO want to enable those features then just set the parameter...


Admin login security (minimum Version 6.7)

You can define your own login key in includes.asp meaning that it is possible only to log into the admin using the loginkey in the URL - without that key added the admin will show as disabled. Once set, you cannot log in without adding your login key to your admin login URL, your login URL would look like this for example...

You will need the following in includes.asp


Changing of course "myloginkey" for a login key of your choice.

You can use anything you like as your loginkey, but as it's going to be entered in the URL you shouldn't use special characters.

Quick update menu (minimum Version 6.8.2)

It is possible to add your own columns to the Products Quick Update menu by using the parameter...


You can specify more than one column by using a comma to separate. The Quick Update menu will display the database column name, unless also specified separated by a colon. For instance...

"CustomDBColumn:DB Column 1,CustomDBColumn2:DB Column 2"

Finally, the datatype of the column will be assumed to be text, unless also specified separated by a colon as NUM for numeric or CHECK for checkbox / (Yes/No). For example...

"CustomDBColumn:DB Column 1:NUM,CustomDBColumn2:DB Column 2:CHECK"

Please note that the column must already exist in the database for this parameter to work.

Capture Browser User Agent (minimum Version 7.0.2)

It is possible to capture the Browser User Agent when taking an order for viewing on the admin orders page. This can be used for debugging purposes, statistics and can sometimes aid in detecting fraudulent activity...


Remove Schema Markup (minimum Version 7.1.3)

By default, markup is added to products on the product details page. If for any reason you don't wish to have this then set the parameter...


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Image tweaks

Default product images

If a product does not have a product image then add the following to vsadmin/includes.asp to set defaults to use for the product and detail pages...


Changing default buttons to images

If you would like to use your own images instead of the browser generated buttons then add the following to vsadmin/includes.asp

Cart Page
' replace checkout button on address details page
imgcheckoutbutton3="images/checkoutbutton3.gif" ' replace checkout button on final cart page
imgsoftcartcheckout="images/softimage.gif" ' checkout button on soft cart
Search page
Affiliates page

Tracking page

Order status page
Client login

Wish List
Digital downloads
Notify when back in stock
Mini mailing list sign up submit button
Gift certificates and donations submit buttons

For images for the send and close buttons on the email a friend / ask a question pop up


For images for the email a friend and ask a question features


These can also be set as text links


You will need to upload your own images to the main images folder on your store.

Please note those displayed as links by default such as continue shopping, update totals, add to wish list etc can have button alternatives eg


which can then be styled via the css file.

Giant image properties

If you are using the giant image linked from the product detail page then to have it appear in a pop-up window, use the following


If you prefer not to have a pop-up window and have the image open on a separate page then set


Image upload

To enable the image upload in the product admin page add this to vsadmin/includes.asp


Please note that your host must have ASPupload installed on the server to use this feature so please check with them first.

Default product and category image folder

The default folder for product images is /prodimages/ but this can be changed for the location of the product images with this addition

defaultprodimages = "newimagefolder/"

... and this one for category images which has a default of /images/

defaultcatimages = "newcatimagefolder/"

Shipping logo

To show your own shipping logo for weight or price based shipping on checkout add this to vsadmin/includes.asp


Images in Admin Orders and Thanks Page (Minimum version 7.0.1)

You can add the product image to the thanks page receipt. To do this add the following parameter to your vsadmin/includes.asp file...


To display the product image in the admin order details and / or packing slip or invoice using the following parameter...


A value of 1 will add the product image to the "view order details" screen
A value of 2 will add the product image to the packing slip
A value of 4 will add the product image to the invoice

...and you can add those values together so for instance setting it to 6 will add the image to the invoice and packing slip. 7 will add it to all screens apart from the "edit order" screen.

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Customer reviews

Enable customer reviews and ratings

If you would like your customers to rate and review your products, add this line to vsadmin/includes.asp


Restrict customer reviews to logged in customers only

If you only want logged in customers to be able to add a rating and / or review then set


Customer review display options

You can set the maximum number of reviews and ratings you want to appear on the product detail page with the following addition


To set the number of reviews per page on the all reviews page(s)


Limit the number of reviews submitted per day

If you want to limit the number of reviews submitted in a 24 hour period then set the following


Multiple languages and reviews

If you are using the multiple language feature you can specify which languages should show in the reviews with the following addition to vsadmin/includes.asp


This sets the store to show the ratings using the language id's in the parameter.

Limit the number of characters shown in the review

The default number of characters before the text is truncated is 255 on the product detail page. If you want to show more of the text there then you will need the following setting, for example


Show ratings on the products page

If you would like to show the ratings on the products page with a link to the reviews on the product detail page, add this to includes.asp


If you would like to show the ratings and stars away from the reviews section such as under the product name you will need to be using the css layout with reviewstars or reviewstarslarge and then add the following...

detailreviewstarstext="<a href=""#reviews"">Rating: %totrating%, based on:%numratings%</a>"

...where you can enter your own free form text with the replacements for %totrating% and %numratings%

If you want to show content when there are no reviews or ratings add this...

detailreviewnoratings='<div class="detailnoratings">Whatever You like</div>' show the content of your choice.

Force product review comments (Minimum version 6.7)

You can define the number of characters which are required in the Comments field before a review can be submitted with the following


...where in this example a minumum of 200 characters must be entered before submission.

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Gift certificates

Disable payment types for gift certificate purchase

You may want to disable some payment types if offering gift certificates on your store. For example using Email or Capture Card would mean that the customer receives the certificate before payment. To specify a list of payment providers you want to disable you need to set...


...where each number is the id of the payment provider listed in the payment provider admin page. In this case email (4) and capture card (10).

Set minimum value for gift certificates

If you need to set up a minimum purchase value for the gift certificate you will need to set the following...


To set the number of gift certificates listed per page in the store control panel add the following


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Gift registry and Wish Lists

Enable the gift registry feature

To enable the wish list feature you will need to set the following...


Add to List link

To show the Add to List link on the product and product detail pages set the following...


To show the Add to List link on the product detail page only set the following...


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Spry tabbed panels

Enable the description tab

If you want to get started quickly with the tabbed panels and add one just tab labeled "description", set the following in vsadmin/includes.asp...

defaultdescriptiontab="<ecttab title=""Description"">"

If you want to replace the text link with an image or icon use...

defaultdescriptiontab="<ecttab title=""Description"" img="images/desc.gif" imgov="images/desc_ov.gif">"

Sliding panels

If you would like your text to slide in from the right of the panel, use...


Dyanamic tab content

To show product reviews and related product tabs, add the following...

ecttabsspecials="<ecttab title=""Reviews"" special=""reviews""><ecttab title=""Related"" special=""related"">"

To format the related product tab content use the following...

relatedtabtemplate="<tr><td class=""reltabimage"" rowspan=""2"">%img%</td><td class=""reltabname"">%name% <br /> %price%</td></tr><tr><td class=""reltabdescription"">%description%</td></tr>"

The following parameters are available


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