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Canadian shopping cart software

This is where you can find a range of plug-ins and information for your Canadian based store. We've started off with the Canadian language files that will replace the US states with Canadian provinces. There is also a section for downloading the scripts that will automatically integrate payment processors from Canada into your store. If you have any suggestions for further content or new payment processors, please get in touch.

Country specific files

From version 2.02 by default the ecommerce plus templates come with all the US states listed for checking out, we've now added lists for Canadian provinces. All you need to do is place the languagefile.asp or languagefile.php in your vsadmin/inc directory and place the updatestore.asp/updatestore.php script in the root of your store, open it in your browser and click the button. Make sure your download corresponds to your ecommerce plus version - ASP for Windows servers / PHP for Unix Linux servers.

Custom payment processors

Using our custom payment provider option in the Payment Providers Admin page you can hook up with the companies listed below.

Integrated payment processors

Canadian tax system

From version 4.3.0 ecommerce templates supports the Canadian PST / GST / HST tax system, including the Price Edward Island and Quebec systems of adding the provincial tax to the product total + government tax. To use this feature you would need to download the current Canadian plug-in and also set the parameter in vsadmin/includes.asp for the ASP version...


or in vsadmin/includes.php for the PHP version...