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How to set up cross selling in the ECT Hosted Store

Cross selling or upselling generally means tempting customers to buy extra items from your store depending on what products they are viewing or have added to cart. We have taken this a step further by allowing products to dynamically appear on the home page too.

Cross selling introduction

In the admin design page under "Body Content" you'll see that you can lay out cross selling items in 2 columns, 3 columns or 4 columns and then below that choose which elements you want to appear and in which order. Use the Up Arrow to position the element in the display and the checkbox to define which ones you want to show. In the admin parameters page you can choose if you want the display on the home page and / or cart page and also which type of cross selling product you want to present.

Cross selling on the home page

There are two available options for the cross selling on the home page. You can choose to show your best selling products and / or products which have been marked as "Recommended" in the admin products page. Go to the admin parameters page to turn this feature on. - under the Design / Layout Parameters select, "Add the cross sell feature to the home page." and then below that choose if you want to show Recommended and / or Best Selling items. Your selection will now display on the home page below the last content you added to that page. You can't have content below the cross selling display as it will be the last display on the page.

In the admin design page you can choose the number of columns you want displaying per row along with the order of elements.

Best selling items are obviously those with the most sales on your store. Recommended items are those where you have checked the box "Recommended" in the product admin page. You can do this in two ways, the quickest is to go to the products admin page and list all products. The on the right hand side on the drop down menu labelled "Quick Entry" select "Recommended". You can then check all the products you want to display and save. Alternat8ively you can click on the "Modify" button for individual products and in the section "Flags", check the recommended box and save.

Cross selling on the cart page

There are more cross selling / upselling possibilities on the cart page as apart from the best sellers and recommended items mentioned above you can also choose to show related products and / or also bought products. The set up of best sellers and recommended items are discussed above and it's the same for the cart page display.

Also bought items are ones that previous customers purchased in conjunction with the item in the cart. For example if a previous customer purchased a torch and battery and you have a torch in your cart, the battery will appear as an also bought item below the first cart display.

Product relations are set up in the product admin page. List all your products in the product admin and then on the right hand side click on the "Rel" button under the Related column. From there search for the products you want to relate this one to or simply list all products and check the box for each in the Related column. When you are finished classic on the button labelled "Update Relations". Now when somebody adds an item to cart, any products which you have just flagged as related will appear below the cart contents display.