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Hosting information

The ECT Hosted Store is run on state of the art, lightning fast servers. The hosting is fully PCI / DSS compliant and secure. We don't place any limits on the bandwidth, server space, visits or sales. It comes with entry level ssl and transactional email which we will outline below

Server spec

All stores are hosted on the latest state of the art servers. They are fully managed, SSD powered and secure.. We will take care of any version updates as well as security fixes and performance improvements. Initially the URL for any new store would be and on sign up there is a domain transfer option so you can run the store on your own domain when you are ready to switch. By default all stores will use seo friendly extensionless URLs throughout.

SSL certificate

All store pages and admin are served over a secure HTTPS connection at no extra cost. We provide an entry level ssl certificate for each and every store set up. If you want to upgrade to a commercial certificate, please let us know and we will follow up with you.


The hosting comes with transactional email by default. This means that any email triggered by the store will be sent and will work correctly. We can configure your set up so that emails go to an external service such as Office 365 or your own email server. If you prefer we can set up a custom mail service for a fee, please contact us if you require further information.