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The ECT Hosted Store is already full of shopping cart features but we are extending it further via a series of tried and tested third party plugins. We have partnered with industry leaders, POWr and Magic Toolbox, to bring you the best website plugins out there. All have free trial versions so you can try out the plugins risk free and there is no coding knowledge required.

POWr Plugins

POWr plugins

POWr provide over fifty simple to set up plugins to enhance your store. There is no need for any coding, just enter your details, text or images then copy and paste the generated code into your site, it's as simple as that. We have selected what we believe to be some of the more interesting plugins and all of them come with a free trial.

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Image Slider

Image slider

Create a highly configurable image slider to highlight offers, promotions or new products with call to action buttons. Custom transitions and looping available.

  Image slider demo and configuration

Live Chat

Live chat

The live chat plugin allows you to provide instant access to your customers and their queries via Facebook Messenger, directly from your store.

  Live chat demo and configuration

Form Builder

Form builder

Create customs forms for your store with no coding knowledge, questionnaires, event registrations, surveys and much more.

  Form builder demo and configuration

Countdown Timer


Display a timer to create a sense of urgency or expectation with your marketing efforts. Highly customizable and mobile friendly.

  Countdown timer demo and configuration

Popup Window


Create a custom pop up window. Display coupon codes, announce special offers and sales before the customer leaves your store.

  Popup demo and configuration

Photo Gallery

Photo Gallery

Add an eye catching photo / media gallery to your store. Comes with plenty of text and call to action options and completely customizable.

  Photo gallery demo and configuration



Engage with your customers by answering their questions directly on your store. Allow customers to comment on your products, and respond.

  Comments demo and configuration

Magic Toolbox

Magic Toolbox

We have teamed up with industry leaders, Magic Toolbox, to provide a range of product image tools that are guaranteed to wow your customers, inspire them to purchase with the detail available and allow you to employ cutting edge technology on your store with the minimum of effort. Although these are paid plug-ins, they won't be overwritten by updaters as we have carried out the integration for you.

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Magic Zoom Plus ™

Magic Zoom Plus

Magic Zoom Plus allows your customers to view magnified product images, choosing between the thumbnails you define in your store control panel and viewing them at full size if they wish.

  Magic Zoom Plus demo

  Download Magic Zoom Plus

Magic Zoom ™

Magic Zoom

Magic Zoom allows your customers to view magnified product images and choosing between the thumbnails you define in your store control panel.

  Magic Zoom demo

  Download Magic Zoom

Magic Thumb ™

Magic Thumb

Magic Thumb allows your customers to switch between your thumbnail product pictures, enlarge them and then run them like a slideshow.

  View Magic Thumb demo

  Download Magic Thumb

Magic Slideshow ™

Magic slideshow

Magic Slideshow allows you to show smooth scrolling images of your products pictures.

  View Magic Slideshow demo

  Download Magic Slideshow

Magic Scroll ™

Magic Scroll

Magic Scroll allows you to quickly scroll through multiple images with lots of custom options.

  View Magic Scroll demo

  Download Magic Scroll

Magic 360 ™

Magic 360 Plus

Magic 360 allows your customers to spin your product pictures for a 360º view.

  View Magic 360 demo

  Download Magic 360


All the integration for the Magic Toolbox effects has been done for you so all you need to do is add your small, large and giant images via the products admin page, get a copy of the Magic Toolbox product you want to use and contact us to upload it for you - that's it!

You can add the POWr plugins yourself. Go though the configurator on their site, copy the generated code and then paste it on the pages of your site where you want it to appear. This will need to be pasted into source view.

How to add an image slider to your home page

  • Adding the POWr slider to your home page