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Responsive Design Outdoors Ecomm Plus

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Responsive Design Outdoors Ecomm Plus

Price: 79.00€
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Responsive Design Outdoors

This template is called Responsive Design Outdoors and comes with the integrated Ecommerce Templates shopping cart software. It adapts to the size, resolution and orientation of the viewer's screen, meaning it looks great on a desktop computer, laptop, tablet and smartphone. The download provides everything you need to set up your online store, including the backend control panel for product, shipping, tax etc. administration.

You will need a host that offers Access or mySQL database support and we do have some suggestions here. The software integrates with over 40 of the top payment processing companies, the full list is available here.

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Shopping Cart Versions


Use with any HTML or text editorYes
Responsive DesignYes
Responsive image slider availableYes
CSS based designYes
Dynamic CSS menus availableYes
Content management system (CMS) includedYes
Minicart integratedYes
Mini search integratedYes
XHTML validYes
PNG source files includedYes
Responsive Design Outdoors
Mini CSS Widgets
Mini CSS Widgets
Price: 35.95€
Site makeover
Site makeover
Price: 185.00€
Set Up Site Standard
Set Up Site Standard
Price: 35.00€
Setup Site Plus
Setup Site Plus
Price: 305.00€
Set Database Connection
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