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WordPress for Ecommerce Templates

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WordPress for Ecommerce Templates

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WordPress Ecommerce Templates Setup

The Ecommerce Templates WordPress Setup allows you to add Ecommerce Templates shopping cart software to an existing WordPress site or theme.

The download provides everything you need to set up your online store, including the backend control panel for product, shipping, tax etc. administration. You will however need a copy of WordPress installed on your server.

You will need a host that offers mySQL database support and we do have some suggestions here. The software integrates with over 40 of the top payment processing companies, the full list is available here.

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Shopping cart for:  WordPress Yes
Integrates with WordPress themesYes
Tutorials and set up help files availableYes
Dynamic CSS menus availableYes
Content management system (CMS) includedYes
Minicart includedYes
Configurable widgets availableYes
Compatible with Responsive LayoutsYes
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7 Customer Testimonials - Average rating 4.9 / 5 (Show All Testimonials)
The answer we've been searching for! WP+ECT=Home Run!
- 3/28/2020
I have been working with ECT for a very long time. I've been waiting for the team to integrate with WP as that is the platform we use for everything. Pairing ECT with WP gives the best of both worlds. A highly customizable shopping cart along with all tharead more
Simpler than I thought
- 2/1/2020
The setup was far simpler with the new system. I copied the files, was prompted to create the database and set the URL system and the site seems to be working already. I've got more to do of course but so far so good.
Ecommerce Templates and WordPress
- 2/16/2014
Ecommerce Templates and Wordpress works well together on my site: It took a few configuration tweaks but all and all has worked well.
Very pleased with this.
- 3/1/2013
I set up my own ECT store about 5 years ago using the generic template. I spent days tweaking the store's "look and feel" to match the rest of my existing website. I am happy with it now, but I dread the thought of updating the website appearancread more
The Game Changer
- 3/1/2013
ECT has always been my shopping cart of choice. It is a complete system and easily to tweak (at least on PHP, I don't know ASP at all)

This integration is stunning. This allows web designers like myself to use two rock solid platforms, both of which hread more
ECT +Wordpress = awesome combo
- 2/28/2013
The integration steps are very easy to follow and once done, you open the world of WordPress addons and themes plus the quality of ECT software all in one site.
Painless and Seemless
- 2/22/2013
The intergration with Wordpress is releatively painless and fairly seemless.
I know very little about Wordpress and the inner workings of ECT and I was able to easily get it to work.

ECT is working GREAT... Thank you!!!!

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