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Wordpress shopping cart software

We have started developing a series of free plugins for the Ecommerce Templates WordPress shopping cart. If you want to find out more about the shopping cart, please visit the WordPress overview page - the software itself can be purchased here from our WordPress store.

ECT Widgets

The ECT Widgets Plugin is essential for your ECT WordPress store as it provides the shortcodes necessary for your products and category pages. (More details here). We have also made the widgets below available as part of this simple plugin download. This means you can drag and drop store features such as the dynamic menu, store search or mini cart directly from the widget area of your theme into the sidebar or other widget location of your store.

ECT widgets

The ECT Store Widgets plugin is available from our downloads page and includes the following

  • Side Filter Bar 2
  • Store search field
  • Mini cart
  • Mini login
  • Dynamic product menus
  • Recently viewed products

Cross Sell Shortcode

The ECT Widgets plugin also provides a WordPress ShortCode [ect_crosssell] to add the Cross Selling functionality to any of your pages. There is more about Cross Selling here. The shortcode provides the following parameters...

  • orsortby
  • csalsoboughttitle
  • csrecommendedtitle
  • csrelatedtitle
  • csbestsellerstitle
  • crosssellaction (default "bestsellers")
  • csproductpagelayout (default "productimage,productid,productname,price,reviewstars")
  • csstyleprefix (default "cs")

An example would be to set up a Home Page of "recommended" products which would use the following shortcode...

[ect_crosssell crosssellaction="recommended" csrecommendedtitle="Our Recommended Products" csproductpagelayout="productimage,productid,productname,price"]

Content Region Shortcode

You can specify a content region in your pages with the following shortcode, along with the Region ID of your content region...

[ect_contentregion regionid=1]

Again, the ECT Widgets plugin needs to be active in order to enable this shortcode.

ECT Sitemap

Add a sitemap to your WordPress integrated Ecommerce Templates site. You can generate a new page on your site with a bulleted list of all your store and WordPress posts and pages. You can also generate the sitemap.xml file for search engines. The plugin allows you to include or exclude the pages, posts and products of your choice.


  • Unzip and upload the folder 'ect-sitemap' to the '/wp-content/plugins/' directory
  • Activate the plugin through the 'Plugins' menu in WordPress
  • Go to the Sitemap plugin admin page and choose if you want to exclude any pages, posts or products
  • Go to "pages" make a new page and call it something like sitemap.php and paste in the following code
  • Check the sitemap page and then if you need to, upload the sitemap.xml file to your search engine tools account


If you have any questions about how the plug-in works or run into any problems with the installation, please let us know. Our dedicated Ecommerce Templates WordPress help forum is manned 24/ 7 and the developers there will be happy to follow up with you.