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Posted - 05/27/2017 :  15:47:12  
The v6.7.0 updater is now available for ASP / PHP.
The following changes have been made...

The v6.7 Major Release has now been fully released.

Please note that you can upgrade from any previous version to the latest version in just one go! You don't have to install all updaters between your version and the current version.

Wish list / gift registry functions and features.

We've given v6.7 a complete overhaul of the wish list / gift registry functions and features. It is now a lot more user friendly as well as much smarter in appearance. It also operates much better on mobile devices.

Vacation, On Holiday, Store Closed setting.

There is now an option in the Admin Main Settings page to take your cart temporarily off line. Also in the Admin Main Settings page, you can set a custom message to display to your customers while your store is down.

New and improved Update Totals and Update Shipping Estimator functionality.

Now when you change the Cart Quantity or the Shipping Estimator values a button appears prompting you to update. This is clearer to the customer than before as the button appears next to the action they have taken.

Date Selector Product Options.

In the product option admin page you can choose a text input option that will display a calendar. Via the css file you can choose not to permit selection of particular days like weekends and public holidays as well as avoiding dates in the past

Minimum Purchase Quantity per Product

Via the Quick Entry drop down in the product admin page you can set minimums on individual products that if not met, can't be purchased until the quantity in the cart is increased. You can automatically set a message on the product / detail page too using "minquantity".

Category Headers

You can now add headers for categories that contain sub-categories - this was only available for categories that contained products previously but due to popular demand we have extended the feature. We have set up a simple example here

Abandoned cart emails

We've now added Abandoned Cart functionality to the cart so you can attempt to recuperate orders that were not completed. Features include...

  • Send emails to recover abandoned carts.

  • Configure up to 3 follow up emails with different content for each email.

  • Search on recovered carts and number of emails sent.

More details

Quantity box formatting

We have revamped the up and down controls for the quantity boxes. There are now 3 options...
No Up / Down controls (default and no action required)
Controls to the right of the quantity box

using quantityupdown=1 or $quantityupdown=1;

Controls either side of the quantity box

using quantityupdown=2 or $quantityupdown=2;


Option Name as Please Select Line
We have introduced the parameter....
When set, this will remove the Option Label from Select Menu options and instead make the "Please select..." line the option name. By default just the option name is used, but you can also set the parameter...
optionpleaseselecttemplate="Please select %s..."
...where the %s will be replaced by the options name.

Minimum length of Review Comments
You can now use the following parameter...
$reviewcommentsminlength=200; set a minimum length for the review comments, and therefore making a comment obligatory. If this parameter is not set then it is not required to write a review when rating a product.


As this is a major release all files have changed and all should be updated.
You should also update the CSS file css/ectcart.css which is essential to the correct operation of the cart.

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Posted - 06/03/2017 :  02:48:09  
We've released a Hotfix today to address an important issue where products in a customer's wish list could be added to the total shipping cost in the Shipping Estimator, and therefore making the estimate higher than necessary.

Files affected: inccart.asp/php

The Previous / Next product links were not displaying properly in the Product Detail pages in some circumstances and this has now been fixed.

Files affected: incproddetail.asp/php

We've also made the following improvements for this release...

We've added a couple of extra layers of security to the admin login, making it unnecessary in most cases to use a hidden admin login. Firstly, we've added flood control so you can only try a login once every 5 seconds and this should stop Brute Force attacks on the admin login. Secondly, and thanks to Phil@Bettapages for the idea, we've added an optional loginkey parameter. To set this just add the parameter to your vsadmin/includes.asp/php file...
Changing of course "myloginkey" for a login key of your choice.
Once set, you cannot log in without adding your login key to your admin login URL, for instance...
You can use anything you like as your loginkey, but as it's going to be entered in the URL you shouldn't use special characters.

Files affected: More than one file is affected for this change, so we recommend just applying the updater fully.

Now, only those that have been given login privileges to view statistics will be able to see the statistics section of the admin dashboard. There is also a section of the admin dashboard for viewing order details of the latest orders and to see that section the user must have privileges to view orders.

Files affected: incadmin.php

The v6.7 release is compatible with the new PHP 7.1 release and we've fixed an error in the admin categories page related to this.

Files affected: inccats.php

The Postal Zones admin page will now warn you if a state / province or country has an unassigned postal zone.

Files affected: inczones.asp/php

A missing USPS tracking number format has been added for USPS auto tracking number detection.

Files affected: incfunctions.asp/php

Code to make the input fields smaller on mobile has been removed as this is no longer necessary with the responsive layouts.

Files affected: incfunctions.asp/php

We've also made another round of improvements and fixes to the CSS file.

Files affected: css/ectcart.css


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42455 Posts

Posted - 06/09/2017 :  09:50:34  
We've released a Hotfix today to resolve the following issues. These fixes have also been added to the v6.7 updater.

A fix to stop deleted items causing an error in the cart inadvertently caused a problem with gift certificates and donations when a product had not been set up for these items. This Hotfix will fix this problem with gift certificates and donations.

Files affected:

We've also fixed a problem with the admin login key system where if the page was forwarded to the login.asp/php page the loginkey was lost and you would receive an error "Admin Login Key Error". This Hotfix will allow the loginkey to also be forwarded to the login page so there is no error.

Files affected:

The USPS Commercial and Commercial Plus services have been added for those that wish to offer discount rates to their customers. Please note, for these services to appear in your admin shipping methods page, you must run the updatestore.asp/php script.

Files affected:

Checks are made now in the admin postal zones page to see make sure none of the state or country postal zones were undefined but the SQL Query used was not compatible with some MS Access drivers and caused an error which has now been fixed.

Files affected:

The layout has been improved when using the shippingoptionsasradios / $shippingoptionsasradios parameter to reduce the possibility of ugly horizontal scroll.

Files affected:


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