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Ecommerce Template Expert

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Posted - 02/01/2019 :  19:03:58  
I'm looking for someone to resize my product images. Currently my Small Images vary in size...way outta whack. These vary from 80px x 80px, up to 150px x 150px.

What I am looking for:

First and most importantly I would like to resize all of my Small Images to 150px x 150px.

I want to implement the Magic Toolbox feature, but in order to do this I will need at least one Giant Image per product (currently I have no giant images). So I would like to create one Giant Image for each product (if this is even possible).

If anyone is interested, please contact me with pricing/specs/questions.


ECT Moderator

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Posted - 02/01/2019 :  21:02:07  
Unfortunately you aren't going to be able to take an image that is 150 x 150 and upsize it to, say 800 x 800 (giant size) without losing the image quality. The image will become pixelated.
The way to do this is start with large images and create your multiple (smaller) sizes from that.
Do you have hi-resolution versions of your images? If not, can you get them?


Ecommerce Template Expert

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Posted - 02/02/2019 :  04:50:10  
hey dbdave. I was hoping to take my large images, duplicate them and resize them to 150 x 150. I downloaded an app called Flexxi and downloaded my prodimages.csv file. However I am too unfamiliar with both Excel and Flexxi, or any other image resize tool. I was hoping to find someone that was willing to do this for me....fairly cheap.

ECT Moderator

9021 Posts

Posted - 02/02/2019 :  05:43:39  
What size are these large images?
You cannot resize the images in excel.
You would need to program that processes the actual images to resize them and output them with new filenames or the same filenames in a different folder.
Then you would put the new image paths in excel and upload to your site.

Ecommerce Template Expert

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Posted - 02/02/2019 :  05:51:47  
The large images are approx. 500 x 500px. The plan was to pull the large images out of the productimages.csv folder, enter them into my image resizer (Flexxi), resize them to 150 x 150px then rename them with the extension of my small images, reload them back into the productimages.csv file (replacing the current small images), then uploading the folder back to the server.

I tried a few times to pull just the small images from the csv file but I am just not familiar with Excel. The entire process scares me, I'm sure I'll end up messing up all of my 18k+ images somehow.

ECT Moderator

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Posted - 02/02/2019 :  15:51:31  
The process would go like this, or at least this is how I would do it.

Download the folder with the images from your website, or perhaps you already have them stored on your local computer.
It's best if the image filenames are related to the product id somehow, or at least they are named in a way that they are related to each product somehow.

To keep things organized, you will create three new image folders.
GT (for giant)
LG (for large)
SM (for small)

If the 500 x 500 images are good resolution, you might be able to upsize them to 700 x 700. I would test one in the program you will use to size your images.
If it's good, then batch process your images through the program and set the output location to your "GT" folder, keeping the filenames the same.
Then I would use the 500 x 500 as my large images. So if they are high resolution, you might want to batch process them the same way, but keep the 500 x 500 size, and reduce the quality to get a smaller file size. Those will output to the "LG" folder using the same filenames.
Next, batch process the same original images to (maybe) 150 x 150 and output them to the "SM" folder keeping the same file names.

Now you will have three sets of files for all of your images, in three separate folders. SM LG GT

Those three folders will need to be uploaded to your server. Drop them in an images folder, or maybe prodimages folder.

Now that the images are all created, and loaded on to your website server, you can work with the csv files to point your products to the small, large, and giant images.

Details here -

The thing to do is start by taking a backup of the database before you do anything.
Next, in your admin, download the image csv file from your website. Save a copy to your computer that you will not edit. append the filename with the word "original".
These two critical steps will cover any issue that arise, by allowing you to roll back any changes.

Now, open your csv file and make the changes. I don't know how your store is currently setup (other than posted here), so lets just say all products just have one small and one large image assigned.

When you open the csv file you will see 4 columns. The first being product ID and the last being image number. These two, you should not make any changes.
It's the imageSrc (source column) and imageType column you will work with.
The thing to do is highlight the entire spreadsheet and "sort" the sheet by the "C" column (image type) and be sure to keep the header row in place (you can specify that when sorting).
Now you will have two sets of product images.
Lets say hypothetically you 100 products with a small and large image for each. You would have 201 rows in your csv file. After sorting, you will have the header row up top, and the next 100 rows will be your small images (0 in the C column) and the last 100 rows will be the large images (1 in the C column)

Now, drag over that last 100 rows in the file, "copy" and then move to the 1st empty row at line 202 and "paste" those 100 rows.
Next, in that "C" column for those newly pasted rows, highlight the "C" column for those 100 rows only, and use find/replace to change the "1" to a "2".
That will specify those as a giant image.

The last step is to all the new image path to the filenames in column "B".

Basically you need to add the new location in front of the filenames.
If they look like below

You might need to change them to something like

Assuming you dropped your new SM LG GT folders in the images folder.
You could just highlight those first 100 rows (after the header row) in the B column and use find/replace to locate "images" and replace with "images/SM" and then the next 100 rows would be replace with "images/LG" and the last 100 rows replace with "images/GT"

At this point upload the CSV file and it should all be done.

Of course, again, my instructions make several assumptions and if you are not comfortable with this, after my tutorial, then get some help.
Click my username to send me an email and I could take a closer look at your setup and see if I might be able to do this.

Ecommerce Template Expert

851 Posts

Posted - 02/02/2019 :  16:07:17  
If I were a gambling man, I would bet it all that you are the most gracious person on the planet Dave. That is well above and beyond the call of duty. There's quite a bit of information, I honestly appreciate the time you spent writing that.

I will start working on this tonight. I'm sure I'll have more questions but from what I see, I believe I get the gist of it.

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