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 site down due to performance issues
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Posted - 07/23/2020 :  13:48:33  
So I have an e-commerce site on a subsite using wordpress template.
My site was taken down due to the message below. (was running perfectly for about a year now)
Things started getting slow last week so I added jet pack and a wp super cache to the wp admin, after that is when i got this message.
I dont know how to read that message below.
Is this a wordpress thing? Or is it coming from any of this ecom software? Did I get a bug or malware?
I have replied to the email that I deleted the plugins. I only have 1 plug in and theme running now on this subdomain.
Site is down so you cannot check it live.
Any insight is appreciated.

2:57 PM (1 hour ago)
to me


We have temporarily disabled {} because it was causing performance issues on the server. Generally, we attempt to resolve these issues without disabling sites; however, this site began to affect the performance for all users on the system. In this case, we acted to preserve the overall server stability. The report at the end of this ticket provides additional information about the site activity during this period.

Please reply to this ticket with your public IP address and we will enable HTTP access for you. This allows you to safely work on the website without causing additional disruptions. If your IP address changes often, simply let us know and we can provide you with password based access. Once you have evaluated and optimized the website, please reply to this email with a brief summary of your changes. Upon review, we can re-enable general access to the site.

Attached website summary of problematic activity and traffic sample output


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Attachments area

Attachments area "GET / "GET / "GET /lkrek "GET /lkrek "GET /quhaf "GET /quhaf "GET / "GET / "GET /ulqp "GET /ulqp "GET /ygpwen "GET /ygpwen "GET / "GET / "GET / "GET / "GET / "GET / "GET / "GET / "GET /bxbp "GET /bxbp "GET / "GET / "GET /pfjggg "GET /pfjggg "GET /vtxp "GET /vtxp "GET /ncrgub "GET /ncrgub "GET /ruq6 "GET /ruq6 "GET /euaisp "GET /euaisp "GET /idry "GET /idry "GET /ulqp "GET /ulqp "GET / "GET / "GET / "GET / "GET / "GET / "GET /kdwd "GET /kdwd "GET / "GET / "GET /yunpr "GET /yunpr "GET /wuiuz "GET /wuiuz "GET /tmpy "GET /tmpy "GET / "GET / "GET /veu4 "GET /veu4 "GET /hl/ "GET /hl/ "GET / "GET / "GET /sitemapimages70.xml "GET /sitemapimages70.xml "GET /r1y0flhq "GET /r1y0flhq "GET /mvwet "GET /mvwet "GET / "GET / "GET /yla "GET /yla "GET /cdrxno "GET /cdrxno "GET /hgug "GET /hgug "GET / "GET / "GET / "GET / "GET /0if4 "GET /0if4 "GET /tel:055-999-0166 "GET /tel:055-999-0166 "GET /bydupn "GET /bydupn "GET /zeoqx "GET /zeoqx "GET /m374p7w5x "GET /m374p7w5x "GET / "GET / "GET /vjkc "GET /vjkc "GET / "GET / "GET /index.php/2ry "GET /index.php/2ry "GET /kzhq "GET /kzhq "GET / "GET / "GET /chishiki/kankei03.htm "GET /chishiki/kankei03.htm "GET / "GET / "GET / "GET / "GET /qbqwid "GET /qbqwid "GET /csaj "GET /csaj "GET /c8x "GET /c8x "GET /mu72fn/ "GET /mu72fn/ "GET / "GET / "GET /uajc "GET /uajc "GET /473tb "GET /473tb "GET / "GET / "GET /h6aqsa/ "GET /2ui8a08f8 "GET /2ui8a08f8 "GET /akhf "GET /akhf "GET /3w6p "GET /3w6p "GET /jegql "GET /jegql "GET /3lhwi "GET /3lhwi "GET /770s27 "GET /770s27 "GET /go7gyo/vq01shbla16420xu4fgt3l "GET /go7gyo/vq01shbla16420xu4fgt3l "GET /wlhg "GET /wlhg "GET / "GET / "GET / "GET / "GET /jyqbd "GET /jyqbd "GET /cpoem "GET /cpoem "GET /yae "GET /yae "GET /3opx7cvc "GET /3opx7cvc "GET /oaf5m60z "GET /nvsstg "GET /oaf5m60z "GET /nvsstg "GET / "GET / "GET / "GET / "GET /1kio4.comhk "GET /1kio4.comhk "GET /6cjc "GET /6cjc "GET /yskf "GET /yskf "GET /xzpy "GET /xzpy "GET /fusaz "GET /fusaz "GET /kokunai "GET /kokunai "GET /ss/arvr/ "GET /ss/arvr/ "GET / "GET / "GET /egtqd "GET /egtqd "GET /heuexpz "GET /heuexpz "GET /zxibp3/vkap8d7oshkfp7mt44yxu3 "GET /zxibp3/vkap8d7oshkfp7mt44yxu3 "GET /gppc "GET /gppc "GET /dofv "GET /dofv "GET /tefk "GET /tefk "GET /xbyp "GET /xbyp "GET /rbsgud "GET /rbsgud "GET /prah "GET /prah "GET /nzcs "GET /nzcs "GET / "GET / "GET /ndksn "GET /ndksn "GET /yjdpu "GET /yjdpu "GET / "GET / "GET /abyc "GET /abyc "GET / "GET / "GET /gxryz "GET /gxryz "GET /pvkne "GET /pvkne "GET /cjmbc "GET /cjmbc "GET /zsdlau "GET /zsdlau "GET /ozhyde "GET /ozhyde "GET / "GET / "GET /tmwy "GET /tmwy "GET /fvkv "GET /fvkv "GET / "GET / "GET /uqzpj "GET /uqzpj "GET /index.php/2mv6tj/ "GET /index.php/2mv6tj/ "GET /kzj "GET /kzj "GET / "GET /h6aqsa/ "GET / "GET /uubbf "GET /uubbf "GET /index.php/b0hipr/ "GET /index.php/b0hipr/ "GET / "GET / "GET /lhbx "GET /lhbx "GET /zqfenz "GET /zqfenz "GET / "GET / "GET / "GET / "GET / "GET / "GET /hqzhd "GET /hqzhd "GET /znwfvv "GET /znwfvv "GET / "GET / "GET /sitemapimages116.xml "GET /sitemapimages116.xml

New Member

82 Posts

Posted - 07/23/2020 :  15:01:14  
That script got a total hits of 67804

Anyone understand this?


39256 Posts

Posted - 07/23/2020 :  15:23:26  
It really looks to me like you have some kind of BOT hitting the site with different query strings trying to find a way to hack in probably. These things happen from time to time but generally those doing it get bored and move on. One way would be to have a look, tell your host you have done so and have fixed the problem and then see if it happens again and more than likely it won't.


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New Member

82 Posts

Posted - 07/23/2020 :  15:24:52  
thanks vince

ECT Moderator

4210 Posts

Posted - 07/23/2020 :  16:08:58  
Any insight is appreciated.
It's also a function of cheap, crappy hosting with overloaded servers. Aside from maybe the price, there is not anything to recommend about your provider, which as a company (EIG Group) is undoubtedly the worst in the US. Their low cost "unlimited" model only works for them if you don't really use any resources; as soon as you do you'll get shut down, as you see here. Quality hosting from one of the alternate providers suggested on this site, such as ourselves, will definitely yield better results.


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Ecommerce Template Expert

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Posted - 07/23/2020 :  19:29:48  
I will second that about Servelink.

Best move I made a few years ago. You can't go wrong.

If you do have an issue (very rare), their tech support is great.


Ecommerce Template Guru

1568 Posts

Posted - 07/24/2020 :  05:16:36  
I can confirm what Peter said about EIG. They are notorious for not updating server software. I had a client hosted with them and the EIG company was using a free stats reporting software. After the site got hack hundreds of times, I determined the software was literally years out of date and there was even a notice on the software's site about the vulnerability. Of course, they said the hacks were my client's fault, but after I pointed out the vulnerability and they updated the software, the hack magically stopped.

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New Member

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Posted - 07/27/2020 :  10:59:52  
Hey Vince, I couldnt figure it out, something in that site was making a mess, I am doing a fresh install on that subsite, I downloaded the database just before it crashed. I need a little help getting htis thing back up and running. Send me a link to where I can buy an hour of your time again. Thanks
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