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What is PayPal Checkout (Smart Buttons)?

PayPal Checkout allows you to choose the shape, color, size and layout of the payment button on checkout. You can also display alternative payment methods such as PayPal Credit, Venmo, and local funding sources.

Depending on on the particular configuration and a buyer's location and cookies, PayPal Checkout dynamically displays the appropriate funding sources available.

PayPal Checkout Ecommerce Templates

Once you have created your account with PayPal you can log into your store control panel, choose Payment Providers from the menu and then locate the payment provider listed as "PayPal Checkout" and click on the Modify button.

Fill in the details as shown below:

PayPal Checkout

You can obtain the Client ID and Password by logging into with your live account. Then click on “My apps & Credentials” on the left. Next, find your REST app, and after clicking on it, you would be able to see the Client ID and secret, as shown below:

PayPal Checkout

PayPal Checkout Examples

This is the standard layout / color / shape for the button and PayPal Credit as in the Recommended selections above.

PayPal Checkout

This is the standard vertical layout with dynamic credit card choices.

PayPal Checkout

This is the responsive blue vertical layout with the dynamic credit card choices.

PayPal Checkout